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  1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Yorkie is a chocolate bar made by Nestlé. It was originally made by York, UK-based company Rowntree's, hence the name
  2. ance of the phaeomelanin gene across the board. Whether this is a true genetic possibility for a purebred Yorkshire Terrier is unlikely, although a true purebred Yorkie could have much more golden or tan hair than blue—especially after three years of age
  3. It is rare, but sometimes the Yorkies can have a little black or blue on their coat
  4. Click Here To See Our Chocolate Yorkie Picture Page. Calling all Chocolate Yorkie Owners! Send me a picture of your little babies and I will add them to my Chocolate Yorkie Picture Page to help show everyone just how beautiful these little sweeties are. Email your pictures to pictures@yorkiesbykelly.com. Thank You, Kell

As the name implies, Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers are Yorkies with an entirely brown coat. The coat's coloring can vary from deep bronze to tan, and depending on the exact shading, these brown Yorkies may also be known as Red Yorkies, Red-Legged Yorkies, or Liver-and-Tan Yorkies. Pinto the Chocolate Yorkie, courtesy of Monica Torre Dark Chocolate: Full body deep chocolate never mixed with any gold or lighter browns on face. Chocolate: Head and legs brown may have other shades of browns on face. Dilute Chocolate: Born Brown and lightens as they grow older to a white brown. Light Chocolate: Full body all brown or mixed with different tones of light brown. Eyes: Brown, amber, green and haze Starting at just before midnight on May 3, 2012, Lina's first little Chocolate Yorkie girl puppy came into the world. She was followed a few minutes later by her little chocolate sister. An hour and a half passed before Lina's chubby little boy made his entrance, backwards!

Dark chocolate yorkies no tan chocolate and tan yorkies BIEWER YORKIE BIEWER TERRIER videos biewer yorkies uk Black is the default eumelanin colour for dogs. A dog which isn't homozygous for liver (bb) or for dilution (dd) will have black eumelanin Parti Yorkies have the recessive parti gene which display the beautiful white coloring. Chocolate Parti Chocolate Parti Yorkies have dark chocolate and white coats with distinguished little brown noses

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Yorkie Addiction is a fun and supportive group of Yorkie lovers. This closed group is owned and moderated by Chocolate Bark Kennel. Chocolate Bark Kennel specializes in Parti and Chocolate Yorkie puppies Actually, the Chocolate Yorkie is an overload of red gold and is a mutation of our breed and should not be bred as it is a complete loss of pigment. This statement contradicts itself. If the chocolate color is an overload of red and gold pigmentation then there can't be a complete loss of pigment Teacup + Chocolate Yorkie = Heaven! We are a small, in-home hobby breeder of DARK Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers. We also raise Dark Traditional Yorkies and we are developing our line of Black Yorkies too. We are expecting our first Biro Yorkie puppies in the Spring. We have AKC dogs as well as IBC registered Where did Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier come from? A chocolate Yorkshire Terrier beautiful and unique. Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers do exist today, but are still considered rare. The coat colors of chocolates can range from white chocolate to vary dark chocolate in color. With or with out tan points

Chocolate Yorkshire terrier, Chocolate & Tan, Chocolate / Brown colour, No gold or tan on any part of the body, eyes hazel to dark The traditional Yorkie is born with a black coat but a chocolate Yorkie is born all brown. It's possible some Yorkies carry this recessive gene thanks to crossbreeding with a brown dog like a Dachshund. A chocolate Yorkie can still be registered with the AKC as a chocolate/tan or liver/tan Yorkie. Golden Yorkie

AKC Yorkies Dark Chocolate Male. He has a very great thick coat, and a sweet Teddy Bear face. He will means 6.5-7lbs... Pets and Animals Palm Harbor 800 $ View pictures. Tiny AKC Female Yorkie Puppy. Chocolate Carrier! Pick of the litter tiny Female Yorkie Puppy. Her dad is a chocolate Yorkie, which makes her a Chocolate Carrier ready now chocolate and tan and biro colors in the uk £800 each first and second vaccinations micro chip and pedigree with pedigree pets uk vet checked twice call 07 ready now october 2019 call 07939 26791 SOLD- Tex is out of Millie and Hank. He is a dark chocolate yorkie. He will sure be a looker when he grows. I do believe he will look just like his daddy hank! Like his dad he is full of personality, he will be sure to keep you laughing! Tex's price is $150 Producing Merle Yorkies in many beautiful colors such as the blue merles, Lilac merles, Blueberry merles, Red merles, chocoberry merles, Blackberry merle, merle tweed, red merle, dark chocolate merles, Silverbell merles,Harlequin,Piebald,ocean pearl merles, and many solid colors like chocolate parti yorkies, blond yorkies, platinum white, sable gold, blue and gold traditional yorkies, kB black yorkies, midnight black yorkies, black and gold traditional. Our babies also have many colored eyes.

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purebred a.k.c registered chocolate yorkies extremely rare color with champion in their pedigre Blonde, Dark Chocolate, Blonde Chocolate and . Chocolate . Parti Yorkshire Terrier Puppies. They will bring invaluable love . and companionship to your . life. Your new addition to . your family is a. priceless investment in . years to come. Our relationship with. our Puppy Families does not . end when you leave our. home with your new family.

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DARK Chocolate Yorkie coat Teaser has a lovely, thick DARK chocolate coat. He is a fine example of what a dark Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier (with very little tan) can look like. Teenage Chocolate Yorkie We've certainly fallen head-over-heels in love with our handsome Chocolate Yorkie puppy as he matures into a stunning stud Great Grandfather world champion in 2015! 8039 Fayette Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19150, United States. 786-663-2371. 786-663-2371. Home. About Us. Jeff's Yorkies & Boutique. Jeff's Babies. Our Team merle yorkies in every color: merle yorkie breeder, blue merles yorkies, green eye chocolate yorkies, dark chocolate, midnight black, tweed merle yorkies, silverbell merle yorkies, brindle yorkies ay gold dust yorkies, parti yorkies, chocolate yorkies, kb black midnight yorkies, choco merle yorkies

We specialize in AKC Chocolate , Dark Black Traditional Yorkshire Terriers, and Chocolate Parti. We strive to have small extreme baby doll face yorkies with big eyes and nice thick coats. We only have a few breeding females. Quality does not just happen, great time and care goes into our yorkies Breed: Yorkshire Yorkie Terrier Sex: Female. Date of Birth: 10/15/2020 Sire: Caden (Chocolate Parti) Dam:Diamond ()Blue Merle Price: $2800. Status:Pet only (Possibly breeding rights available Available Now Traditional Chocolate Yorkies! Platinum Blonde Yorkies! Puppies For Sale. Natalies Snorkie. press to zoom. PARTI YORKIE BIEWER. press to zoom. AKC Blonde Yorkie Male. Sugar Tree Yorkies Adamsville, TN 843-773-1522

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Rainbow Yorkies, Nashville, TN. 513 likes · 1 talking about this. DNA tested parents of all of Beautiful little Rainbow-Yorkies. Committed to the breed and committed to giving families an experience.. Chocolates Yorkies Beyond the Bay, Tampa, Florida. 2,849 likes · 2 talking about this. We are a small breeder of Yorkshire Terrier in Florida, All puppies come with a health agreement and health.. The Chocolate Yorkie's coat is entirely brown but can also be a dark shade of bronze to a lighter tan, and they may also be known as Red Yorkies, Red-legged Yorkies, or Brown Yorkies. These are Yorkies carrying the double recessive gene for brown and red coats. Yorkie puppies always start life with a black coat; however, if they happen to. Male Rare Dark Chocolate Yorkie, neutered , 7 months old, pet passport, all vaccines and rabies shot. He doesn't need any more vaccines, guaranteed vet health certificate. I have a busy household with 2 other dogs and he needs more attention. Price negotiable to the right home. chocolate male Yorkie yorkshire terrie

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  1. This Yorkie color came from two traditional yorkies which carried this chocolate gene, resulting in beautiful chocolate colored yorkie terriers. The color of the nose makes them chocolate. The coat colors of these dogs can range from vary dark chocolate to white chocolate in color
  2. Neutered 7 month old Dark chocolate Yorkie imported from Belarus. Up to date on vaccinations, have all paperwork, taken to vet, clean bill of health. Trained to go to the bathroom outside, very obedient little boy and beautiful. I already have a dog and a puppy at home and we are a busy family
  3. Types of Chocolate Most Harmful to Dogs. Milk chocolate: A 5 lb. (2.27 kg) Yorkie will usually have a mild reaction after eating .75 oz. (21.26 grams) and a moderate to the severe reaction after eating 1.5 oz. (42.53 gm)
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The American Kennel Club places great importance on the color, quality, and texture of the Yorkshire Terrier coat — so much so that although non-standard breed colors will be permitted registration, they will not be permitted to compete in AKC sponsored events.. So with that in mind, let's review the various Yorkie coat colors, and then, how the color evolves as the dog ages from puppy to. Baker's chocolate is the most toxic type of chocolate for dogs, while milk chocolate is the least toxic. Semi-sweet and dark chocolate toxicity falls somewhere in the middle. The toxic dose for theobromine ranges from 9 mg to 18 mg per pound Teacup Yorkie available in Rare colors; Chocolate, Parti, Blonde and traditional see us at http://www.sugaryorkies.wixsite.com/yorkies

Chocolate has theobromine and caffeine, which drive the heartbeat fast and disturb the nervous system. The most unsafe kinds are dark chocolate and baking chocolate. Consuming excessive theobromine and caffeine in chocolate may lead to diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety, frequent urination, palpitation, seizures, and even death Chocolate Yorkie Puppies. NEW LITTER - ready now for homing. We have two beautiful girls and two handsome boys. Please call us at (574)254-7684 to discuss the particulars of each puppy. They are indeed lovely. Rhonda K. Peters (574) 254-7684 [email protected A chocolate toxicity meter such as that on PetMD's website is a great place to start if you saw your Yorkie eat chocolate or if they're displaying any of the symptoms described above. You can input your dog's weight and the type and amount of chocolate consumed to get an idea of how bad chocolate poisoning is

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Teacup Yorkies For Sale; Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Updated: 2018-10-28. Elvis Yorkshire Terrier 1557 Highway NN Ironton, MO 63650 USA Phone: 573-734-6330. Can't find the Yorkie puppy of your dream!! Sign up for the Elvis Yorkshire Terrier puppy update and be notified by email on all new yorkie puppy listings KB black and Dark chocolate. Weight. NA. Price. Price soon. Betty Jo. Gender. Female. Date of Birth. February 12, 2021. Breed. YorkShire terrier. Color. Blueberry diamond ocean pearl. Weight. Charting 4.5lbs. Price. Cute Yorkies For Sale. Info. Home About News Upcoming Litters Get on our Waiting List. Buy A Puppy. Puppies For Sale Make a. Chocolate Yorkie Puppies, Apple Valley, California. 2,444 likes · 43 talking about this. Hobby breeders of Beautiful Chocolate Yorkies! No puppy mills...High quality raised as family and we are picky.. Feb 25, 2019 - Dark Chocolate Yorkie #Yorkies #ChocolateYorkies#Yorkie #Puppy #Dog #yorkiecolor

Yorkie Puppies. We are a dedicated home and lovers of Yorkie Puppies. We pride ourselves on providing loving homes and individuals with healthy and vaccinated puppies. We embark in providing efficient and personal service, honesty and reliability. We enjoy matching each family with the perfect baby that will bring many years of fun and. We are located just outside Phoenix Arizona in Litchfield Park AZ and are a small in home breeder of AKC Yorkshire Terriers. Offering a multitude of colors, Traditional Blue & Tan, Black & Tan, Dark Traditional, Trindle, Traditional Parti, Chocolate Parti, Dark Chocolate Parti, Blonde Parti, Blonde, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Merle, Merle and Extreme White/Platinum Parti Yorkies The Chocolate coloring occurs when both puppy parents carry the recessive Chocolate gene. Chocolate Yorkies are registered with the AKC as having either Brown, Liver, or Chocolate coloring. Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers have the same temperament seen in the traditional, Parti and Golden Yorkies. Chocolate Yorkie Puppy With White Marking

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Chocolate yorkie poo puppies for sale. She may also be picked up in naples florida. Glendon musser is a breeder located in palmyra pa who currently has a cute litter of yorkie poo puppies. She is up to date on her shots has had. This cross breed is a mix between the miniature or toy poodle and the yorkshire terrier canine breeds Moved Permanently. The document has moved here Tiny Dark Chocolate Yorkie puppy Carriers Biro Small Pocket size Male 10 weeks old Vet checked Inoculated and dewormed Est. Adult weight 1.5kg at most Contact 839 - show phone - 642 - show phone This dark chocolate kid is charting to be 7 lbs. He is extremely spirited but likes to be held and enjoyed on. He would make an outstanding animal for any family, or perhaps even a stud for a little reproducing program. He is $800 pet or $1000 with..

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  1. Jan 8, 2018 - 2020 EXOTIC COLORS! White Yorkies | Platinum | Merle Yorkies | Ocean Pearl | Dark Chocolate | Blue Eyes | Financing Available | Pocket | Micro Yorkie's Etc
  2. d will think about a trade for an AKC Yorkie. Carries for Light and dark Chocolate, ee Blonde and Lilac screening for Parti. This little guy is Fabulous! Definitely AODORABLE! 3.8 pounds. He is charting 4 pounds by 18 months. DOB: 01-01-2014
  3. Dark chocolate: Approximately 1.5 ounces for a 10-pound dog, 3 ounces for a 20-pound dog, and 4.5 ounces for a 30-pound dog all require a call to the vet. Milk chocolate: Approximately 3.5 ounces (more than 2 regular Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars) for a 10-pound dog, 7 ounces for a 20-pound dog, and 10.5 ounces for a 30-pound dog all require.
  4. The Chocolate Yorkie's coat is entirely brown but can also be a dark shade of bronze to a lighter tan, and they may also be known as Red Yorkies, Red-legged Yorkies, or Brown Yorkies. These are Yorkies carrying the double recessive gene for brown and red coats. Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers do exist today, but are still considered rare

Yorkie-poo. Veterinarian's Assistant: How much does the animal weigh? 6 - 7 lbs guessing. Veterinarian's Assistant: When was this? Has she thrown up since eating the dark chocolate? She just ate it, no on throwing up. Veterinarian's Assistant: And what's the animal's name and age? Pepper 18 month AKC Golden Yorkie Female. Champion Sired & Grand Sired! Possible Parti & Chocolate Carrier. Born: December 4th, 2020. Weighs 26.1 oz at 7 weeks. Parents: Gemma & Rio. Born here at SBY! Click on my picture to see more of me ADOPTED! Princess Blue Green Eyes $ 6,000.00 Select. Barbie Adopted! $ 7,000.0

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B.V. Paloma Blanca APRI Reg Female. DOB: 8/15/2017 Weight: 6 lbs. Color: Blue Diamond Gold Dust (White) blue eyes. Paloma is a sweet Gal with a great personality. She is very spunky and has a little skip to her walk. has the most amazing eyes very sparkly and blue like the ocean, also her coat is amazing very white thick shiny very beautiful and silky, she's calm and loves children and other. Rare Dark Chocolate (no tan) Not For Sale _____ Sire Elliot. Dam Qissy. Grand Sire. Grand Dam. Grand Sire. Grand Dam. Cocoa has a sweet personality and gives me so much joy with her antics. She learned along with the other puppies, to sit for treats at a very young age. She is one of the prettiest girls in our yorkie family!


A Chocolate Yorkie is the result of two purebred traditional Yorkshire Terriers who carry the Chocolate Gene. Chocolate yorkies can come in many shades of browns and tans. Going from very dark brown to white chocolate and/or tan. Along with green, hazel and gray eyes; it's the brown nose that identifies them as a chocolate.. Yorkie was launched in 1976 by Rowntree's of York hence the name. It has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The Nestlé Cocoa Plan works with UTZ Certified to ensure a better future for cocoa farmers and even better chocolate for you. Learn more at: Nestlé Cocoa Plan website. The Yorkie range consists of: Yorkie Milk; Yorkie. If you estimate he ate more than a 1/2 ounce (15 grams) of dark chocolate it is probably best to induce vomiting with 3% hydrogen peroxide orally. You can give him 1/2 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per 8 pounds of body weight either directly with a medicine dropper or soaked up with bread orally

Chocolate. Chocolate Yorkies have a brown coat. It's the result of the b allele, a recessive gene. The full brown coating is very uncommon to Yorkies and is rare. Pure breed chocolate Yorkshire terrier is very rare. There are also pure brown but are a product of mixed breeding. 8. Red-Legge Hungarian Champion -. EL PERRO YORK GRAND PASSION. He is dark chocolate & tan yorkie male, with biro and gold carrier genes. Puppy Class Winner, Puppy Club Winner and. Puppy European Winner - 2016. Junior Class Winner - 13.08.2016. Junior Class Winner - 03.09.2016. Intermedier Class Winner - Special Club Winner - World Winner - 06.05.2017.

Isabella - dark Chocolate - Colorful Yorkshire Terrier. unsere Yorkies über uns Contact. Contact Hund.ch. Suchen This purebred dark chocolate woman is prepared to go. She's had her shots, wormed, tail & & dews done. She has a lovely thick, silky coat. She is a sweetheart! She loves to provide kisses & & play! She should mature at 51/2 - 6 #. I live near Show Low..

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Pets and Animals Pflugerville 2,000 $. View pictures. AKC Teddy-Bear Yorkie!!! - Chocolate Parti Yorkie! Stunning Chocolate and White Parti Yorkie for sale. He is an AKC registerable Yorkie with a DNA 'd ambient !! $500... Pets and Animals Pflugerville 500 $. View pictures tiny, teacup dark chocolate yorkie female 8 months old. she only weighs 2-1/2lbs and she is probably as big as she will get. she is akc registered. she is for lap baby to be loved and cared for and she will return the love. please email with you phone number. she is a chocolate christmas angel, as she was born on christmas day, 2011 Chocolate Parti Yorkies: Traditional Yorkshire Terriers are born completely black, while Parti Yorkies are born with brown colour. Chocolate Parti Yorkies are very rare which are born due to a double recessive gene in a parent. Many people even consider them as a separate breed but it is not true The merle gene modifies the dark pigment in the eyes, occasionally changing dark eyes to blue, or only part of the eye blue. Color on paw pads and the nose may also have pink patches. When two merles are bred together there's a high chance of the puppies having health issues If you can determine that your dog has eaten enough dark chocolate to cause toxicity, and he has not vomited yet, induce vomiting immediately. To induce vomiting, make a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water and pour between a teaspoon and a tablespoon, depending on the size of your dog, down his throat

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Rare Dark Chocolate Yorkie Markham / York Region 22/08/2021. Rare Dark Chocolate Male Neutered Yorkie. Up to date on all vaccines, rabies, 2 Health certificates, Pet passport. He is microchipped and ready to go. Trained to go to the bathroom outside. Very sweet and obedient.. Eating dark foods like chocolate cake can make vomit look brown. The most common cause of brown vomit is throwing up brown food, or several foods that look brown when mixed together or mixed with bile. For instance, red and green foods could look brown if eaten together and then vomited, as could very dark red foods if they're mixed with bile A Parti Yorkie is a Yorkshire Terrier with a white, tan, and black-colored coat instead of the typical blue and tan. This dog can also be a blonde/golden parti, chocolate parti, or black and bluish-silver Parti Yorkie Terrier. But don't confuse this Yorkshire Terrier variation for a separate breed as it is only a color variation

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  1. Izabel and Romo had four AKC. Chocolate Kisses arrive on July 25, 2021. Two Girls and Two Boys. They are all healthy. and spoken for. This precious boy will be going home with Cornelia and Family. Izabella's little Dark Chocolate girl will be going to live with Angela. Chi Chi and Romo welcomed sweet little Bella on
  2. chocolate male yorkie for sale $1,800 prices range from 1800 to 4000 dark chocolate mom chocolate merle dad chocolate can be picked up in 5 day from my home com to see call me ( ) Eli
  3. Gazoo our most beautiful Blonde Chocolate male, He is fun wonderful to work with, very smart and lovable. Gazoo is the perfect dog! He has produced Parti, Chocolate Parti, Dark Chocolate, and Blond Chocolate. He has perfect conformation, and gorgeous hair. Weight 3 1/2 lb
  4. The color most commonly found in the Yorkie dogs is pearl, although dark chocolate or black are also seen from time to time. The most common colors in the long-haired dogs are white, apricot, cream, or brown. The long-haired dogs are more sought after. There are two types of yorkies for adoption near me : small and toy
  5. Teacup Chocolate Yorkie Lady Godiva. We call her Diva. Posted June 17, 2013 by Marianne Cook. This Yorkshire Terrier Puppy is as sweet as Chocolate. Lady Godiva is a special Dark Chocolate teacup Yorkie. Her parents both have the Chocolate bloodlines. She is our little Diva Girl. Her eyes just talk to you
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Sep 1, 2017 - Explore Connie Murphy's board Chocolate Yorkies on Pinterest. See more ideas about yorkie, yorkie puppy, yorkshire terrier. She is a very dark traditional Yorkshire Terrier that carries Chocolate and Parti (Biro Apple Valley CA, High Desert Ca, California Yorkshire terriers, toy dog, grooming products, breeding Merle Yorkies, chocolate tweed merle, blue merle, Chocolate Redberry merle, white yorkies, yorkies that carry many colors and will be able to produce merles with blue eyes. we also have kb black, dark traditional, dark chocolate Yorkies

Price: $2,800 Pending for Charles and Tonnie Rushing Purebred Registration: AKC, Limited Registration Sex: FEMALE Gene Information: Chocolate: (bb) 1 Recessive Gene; Blonde: (ee) 1 Recessive Gene Color: Dark Chocolate- Blonde Eye Color: GREEN Birthdate: 9/1/20 Birth Weight: 4.5oz Estimated Adult Weight: 5.5-6.0 DNA tested: No Temperament: Chill. KB Dark chocolate Blond chocolate Golden chocolate sable gold Black and white Parti Sable Gold and white Parti Chocolate and white parti Platinum Blonde parti Blue and Gold traditional Black and Gold Black and Tan. Some of my yorkie babies have blue diamond eyes, hazel eyes, and regular color eyes. Facetime viewing with Beautiful yorkies is. Eat no evil. Our Chunky Chocolate bars are full of flavour — and free from a lot as well. Free from dairy, refined sugar, palm oil and gluten. Instead, we craft them using all-natural ingredients that cut down sugar content by 65%.Sugar-defying ingredients like raw lucuma — the Peruvian superfruit bursting with vitamins and minerals, and raw cacao nibs — bold chocolate flavour that's. Yorkie puppies for sale Orlando, FL Parti Yorkie Chocolate Yorkie Yorkie puppies Florida All documents, photos and other information is intended for the use of Yorkies by Kelly ONLY. The documents, photos and other information are NOT to be COPIED without written consent from Yorkies By Kelly Precious Yorkies of Louisiana, is home of small, tiny Yorkies, Parti Yorkies Chocolates and Golden Yorkies. We raise quality, healthy Yorkies of all colors and have the cutest Yorkies for Sale. ? Being a small private breeder of AKC & CKC Registered Yorkshire Terriers, we provide individual attention to all our dogs and puppies £3000 ChocLee. ️ Bitter dark chocolate. £3000 DigBee ️ Bitter dark chocolate. £3000 These puppies obviously carry the chocolate Merle gene as there mum is a Merle and dad is a bitter dark chocolate. All pups will be health checked 1st vaccination and microchip plus there pedigree They will go to there new homes with a luxury.