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Who Am I?: Directed by Benny Chan, Jackie Chan. With Jackie Chan, Michelle Ferre, Mirai Yamamoto, Ron Smerczak. A Secret Agent loses his memory after falling from a crashing helicopter. He is then chased by several other agency operatives, but he has no idea why whoami: Directed by Sam Esmail. With Rami Malek, Portia Doubleday, Christian Slater, Vaishnavi Sharma. Elliot wakes up in an abandoned lot following the explosion at the Washington Township plant, which is no longer there Who Am I? (traditional Chinese: 我是誰; simplified Chinese: 我是谁, also known as Jackie Chan's Who Am I?) is a 1998 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Benny Chan and Jackie Chan, who also starred in the lead role.The film was released in Hong Kong on 17 January 1998. It is also Chan's second film to be scripted and shot in English, the first one being Mr. Nice Gu Using the tool whoami without any further parameter will prompt only the username as shown below. With the parameter /all - This will displays all information in the current access token, including the current user name, security identifiers (SID), privileges, and groups that the current user belongs to

Who Am I 2: Clay Rises - Teaser Trailer #1 (2017) Benjamin, a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be notic.. Examples. To display the domain and user name of the person who is currently logged on to this computer, type: whoami. Output similar to the following appears: DOMAIN1\administrator. To display all of the information in the current access token, type: whoami /all Langkah-langkah nonton Who Am I 2014 Imdb Free - Hi Teman-teman kali ini admin bagikan sebuah film Who Am I 2014 Imdb dikenal sebagai film terbaru yang bisa dibagikan Dan untuk Daftar Lengkap Pemain Film Who Am I 2014 Imdb bisa dilihat dari artikel-artikel yang sudah kami posting sebelumnya.Mungkin yang telah nonton film ini di bioskop, dan siapa tau mau menonton lagi bisa di unduh gratis dari.

By default IMDb users see titles listed in the language used for release in their country (i.e. US-based users will see films listed under the title used for the North American release, while users browsing the site from France will see titles as they appeared on the French release of those movies etc.). As a registered IMDb user you can change your preferences in your account settings - steps. Abone olup like atmayı unumayın!!!İngilizceden çevrilmiştir-Who Am I, Baran bo Odar'ın yönettiği 2014 Alman tekno-gerilim filmi. Berlin'de küresel üne yöneli.. The makers of Who Am I ultimately reach the same conclusion of its hero Benjamin, who learns that the trick to hacking is no different than devising your average con with its success based on. 'Who Am I: No System Is Safe' is a German techno-thriller film directed by Baran bo Odar. It tells an intricately woven tale of a hacker who gets entangled in a plot of murder and seeks to clear his name. The film is notable for its visual depiction of technical aspects of hacking. Its unreliable [

Whoami and Hello, Elliot. The two-part series finale of the American television series Mr. Robot consists of the twelfth and thirteenth episodes respectively of the fourth and final season, whoami and Hello, Elliot. The two episodes, originally aired back-to-back on USA Network on December 22, 2019, were both written and directed by series. whoami. Display the user groups to which the current user belongs: whoami /groups. Display all of the information in the current access token: whoami /all We can now manipulate images to such an extrodinary extent that there's no lie you cannot tell ~ Sir David Attenborough . Related commands: icacls /setintegritylevel - Add an integrity. Who Am I IMDb Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan, Actor: Ngo si seoi. Hong Kong's cheeky, lovable and best known film star, Jackie Chan endured many years of long, hard work and multiple injuries to establish international success after his start in Hong Kong's manic martial arts cinema industry 電影: 《我是誰:沒有絕對安全的係統 Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher (2014)》 導演: Baran bo Odar 主演: 湯姆·希林, 埃利亞斯·穆巴裏克, 沃坦·維爾克·默林, IMDB 評分: 7.5 分( 51099 票 ) ; 影片演員表、票房成績,電影海報圖片 - MM52.net 全球電影 Naja, drehen wir die Begeisterung mal wieder ein wenig runter, denn ich finde Who Am I nichts so gut wie die Meisten. Aber unterhalten konnte der Film mich alle mal. Mit Tom Schilling, Elyas M'Barek, Wotan Wilke Möhring und Antoine Monot Jr. hat der Film eine wirklich starke Besetzung und diese Darsteller machen ihren Job auch echt gut

Who Am I. 2014 | TV-MA | 1h 41m | Thriller Movies. After his compatriots are murdered by Russian gangsters, a hacker confesses the history of his elite, fame-seeking group to a Europol investigator. Starring: Tom Schilling, Elyas M'Barek, Wotan Wilke Möhring Who Am I - Ben Kimim. Ödüller 6 ödül & 6 Adaylık. 25 yaşında asosyal bir bilgisayar dehası olan Benjamin, çevrimiçi aktiviteleriyle karizmatik hacker Max'in dikkatini çeker ve onun CLAY adlı hacker grubuna katılır. Gizli tuttukları kimlikleriyle CLAY öyle iyi işler ki, Alman Gizli Servisi ve Europol peşlerine düşer 我是谁:没有绝对安全的系统的剧情简介 · · · · · ·. 本杰明是一个这样的人:三次元现实世界中,他是一个十足的屌丝&Loser,难以找到存在感,没有时尚感、没有朋友,也没有女朋友。. 但是二十五岁的他却是一个的电脑极客,拥有对数字技术不可思议的天赋.

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Welcome to the Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb) If you enjoy movies you've come to the right place, we have the biggest collection of movie scripts available anywhere on the web Who Am I? is a song from Tarzan II. It is sung repeatedly by Phil Collins in the movie, but by a 12-year-old Tiffany Evans in the end credits. At the beginning, two schoolgirls have helped their teacher with moving a chalkboard away from the front. He tells a boy named Gordie to turn off the lights, and everyone else to focus on a movie he says they'll enjoy (the midquel the song itself is. Who Am I (bahasa Jerman: Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher; Bahasa Inggris: Who Am I: No System Is Safe) adalah film techno-thriller Jerman tahun 2014 yang disutradarai oleh Baran bo Odar.. Sinopsis. Benjamin, seorang jenius komputer Jerman yang masih muda, diajak bergabung dalam grup peretas yang ingin diperhatikan dunia. Ia kemudian meretas beberapa sistem yang kemudian menimbulkan. Who Am I This Time? (193) 7.7 56min 1982 16+ Academy Award-winners Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken star as a couple who discovers that affairs of the heart on the stage may be a bit less complicated than continuing the romance off the stage. IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities: IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: Kindle. Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher izle, Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher - izle, 720p izle, 1080p hd izle, filmin bilgileri, konusu, oyuncuları, tüm serileri bu sayfada.

เสียง : Thai. 7.6/10 เวลาฉาย : 1 H 42 Min HD. Dc Comics อาชญากรรม Crime หนังดราม่า Drama ลึกลับซ่อนเงื่อน Mystery. Who Am I (2014) แฮกเกอร์สมองเพชร เต็มเรื่อง เบนจามิน แฮกเก. Who Am I? mengambil gambar di Namibia, Afrika Selatan, dan Belanda antara Februari dan Maret 1997. Film tersebut menampilkan beberapa markah tanah seperti Sun City di Afrika Selatan, Jembatan Erasmus di Rotterdam, Beurstraverse (yang dikatakan oleh para pembuat filmnya berada di Johannesburg), rumah-rumah Cube dan gedung Willemswerf (yang digunakan sebagai markas besar para penjahat) テレビ東京版:初回放送2001年10月4日『木曜洋画劇場』 テレビ朝日版:初回放送2003年2月23日『日曜洋画劇場』 テレビ朝日版は2021年1月18日にwowowで放送される際、地上波放送時にカットされた部分を追加録音した「吹替補完版」が放送。 その際、一部声優が担当していた箇所は別の声優が代役を. Thai+Soundtrack (T) HD 2021. How I Became A Superhero (2021) ปริศนาพลังฮีโร่. 6.9/10 HD. Thai+Soundtrack (T) HD 2020. The Water Man (2020) เดอะ วอเตอร์ แมน. 6.8/10 HD. Thai+Soundtrack (T) HD 2021. Fear Street Part 2 1978 ถนนอาถรรพ์ ภาค 2 (2021) 9.2/10 4K Mehr Filminformationen auf IMDb: WhoAmI (film). Alle deutschen Filme in FULLTV verfügbar. FILME IM TV ist ein Katalog mit den besten Filmen, kostenlos und online mit details über Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher und andere filme 2014

IMDB Rating. Voting: 7.7 / 10 (254) Trailer: YouTube. 27.185 Views. Home > Filme > Thriller. Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher (2014) Filme Thriller. Regisseur: Baran bo Odar. Schauspieler Ser Aymeric is a professional, feature-rich & heavily customisable Discord bot packed with features! Moderation, reaction roles, custom commands, music, server stats & analytics, level-up system & ranks with rewards, streaming, twitter and reddit feeds, giveaways, polls, FFXIV and so much more

Who Am I: Kein System ist sicher. Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Who Am I: Kein System ist sicher (em alemão: Quem Sou Eu: Nenhum Sistema É Seguro; lançado no Brasil como Os Invasores) é um thriller alemão de 2014 dirigido por Baran bo Odar. Foca em um grupo de hackers de Berlim em sua busca por fama mundial 我是谁的剧情简介 · · · · · ·. 三名科学家在非洲大陆发现了一种神秘的矿石,这种矿石具有极强的杀伤力。. 就在这三名科学家携带矿石返回的途中,美国中央情报局派出了由11名来自不同国家的特种兵组成的特别行动小队将科学家和他们成果劫持了。. 情报. 语言: 德语 / 英语. 上映日期: 2014-09-25 ( 德国) 片长: 102分钟. 又名: Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher / Who Am I - No System Is Safe / WhoAmI. IMDb链接: tt3042408. 我是谁:没有绝对安全的系统简介. 豆瓣评论. 本杰明是一个这样的人:三次元现实世界中,他是一个十足的屌丝&Loser.

دانلود فیلم. WhoAmI 2014. (. من چه کسی هستم. ) به‌همراه تماشای آنلاین. بنیامین، یک جوان آلمانی است که در مبحث کامپیوتر خبره می باشد. او به یک گروه متشکل از هکرهای حرفه ای و البته خرابکار دعوت می شود تا. An RDFLib ConjunctiveGraph is an (unnamed) aggregation of all the Named Graphs within a Store. The get_context () method can be used to get a particular named graph for use, such as to add triples to, or the default graph can be used. This example shows how to create Named Graphs and work with the conjunction (union) of all the graphs 德国电影《我是谁:没有绝对安全的系统》高清视频网免费在线观看. 收录于:2年前 (2019-04-07) 分类:欧美电影 最后更新:2019-04-0

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  1. هم اکنون میتوانید از تخفیف بهره مند شوید. برای اطلاعات بیشتر اینجا را کلیک کنید!. با نسخه ای جدید ، شروعی دوباره جهت ارائه نسخه های بدون سانسور و اورجینال فیلم ها و سریال ها ، در سرورهای خارج از ایران کرده ایم
  2. 汤姆·希林,1982年2月10日出生于柏林,演员。汤姆对于自己的表演也很满意,毕竟不再是青涩少年,演技上的大跃进是他突破自己的最佳方式。其实,汤姆早在2001年就曾因《疯狂》(Crazy)而获德国《巴伐利亚影展》最佳新进演员大奖。对他而言,演戏就是他的生命,每一出好戏都是他生命中璀璨的.
  3. (TOM SCHILLING) is invisible, a nobody. This changes abruptly when he meets charismatic Max (ELYAS M'BAREK). Even though they couldn't seem more different from the outside, they share the same interest: hacking. Together with Max's friends, the impulsive Stephan (WOTAN WILKE MÖHRING) and paranoid Paul (ANTOINE MONOT), they form the subversive Hacker collective CLAY (CLOWNS LAUGHING.

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whoami Elliot questions his identity and the world he woke up into. English Português - Brasil čeština Português - Portugal español русский On Other Sites IMDB; Name Type Role; Sam Esmail: Writer: Steve Golin: Producer: Sam Esmail: Producer: Kyle Bradstreet: Producer: Chad Hamilton: Producer: Vaishnavi Sharma: Guest Star: Julia. {poster:{file_path:/txYD6dxRqwBCDzYReISqLA2zMQY.jpg,iso_639_1:null}} {poster:{file_path:/txYD6dxRqwBCDzYReISqLA2zMQY.jpg,iso_639_1:en} Invasores - Nenhum Sistema Está à Salvo, Who Am I: No System is Safe, 후 엠 아 이- 노 시스템 이즈 세이프, Hackers: ningún sistema es seguro, WhoAmI, Hackerne: Intet system er sikkert, Who am I: aucun systeme n'est sûr, Quien soy yo, Who Am I - No System Is Saf Điểm IMDb: 7.6; Nội Dung Phim Tôi Là Ai. Tôi Là Ai - Who Am I (2014) Một bộ phim hình sự nói tiếng Đức do Colombia Pictures phát hành, về chủ đề các hacker trên mạng inteet. Trong phim, Benjamin là một chàng trai trẻ sống khá cô độc, từ khi kết bạn với chiếc máy tính, Ben trở thành.

In this example, we have a remote host named as WinServer1.lablad1.local. On which we will run the command using Ansible windows module named win_command. Then register the output in a variable named netstat. To print the output contained in variable netstat, we will use the Ansible module debug Rami Malek se narodil 12.5.1981 v Los Angeles, Kalifornie. Rami je egyptského původu, má bratra, identické dvojče Samiho. Obdržel cenu BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) na univerzitě v Evansville. V současnosti stále žije v Los Angeles.Ramiho herecko Tendayi Kuumba is the funky jazz songstress of our era. The Atlanta to New York transplant has studied musical theater, Jazz, Opera, and is a Broadway performer

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Movie details. Movie about a group of hackers. Movie rating: 7.5 / 10 (52353) Directed by: Baran bo Odar - Jantje Friese Writer credits: Jantje Friese - Baran bo Odar Cast: Tom Schilling - Elyas M'Barek - Wotan Wilke Möhring - Antoine Monot Jr. - Hannah Herzsprung AKA: Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher, WhoAmI, Хто я, Who Am I - No System Is Safe, Who Am I: Kein System Ist Siche IMDb open_in_new TMDb open_in_new. Drama. Krimi. Mystery. Handlung. Benjamin ist unsichtbar, ein Niemand. Dies ändert sich schlagartig, als er plötzlich den charismatischen Max kennenlernt. Auch wenn beide nach außen nicht unterschiedlicher sein könnten, so eint sie doch dasselbe Interesse: Hacken. Gemeinsam mit Max' Freunden, dem. WhoAmI#Who Am I - No System Is Safe napovednik. zgodba. Movie about a group of hackers. Benjamin je tipični 25-letni računalniški piflar: brez smisla za modna oblačila, brez prijateljev in vsekakor brez dekleta. Tisto, kar ima v izobilju, pa je prirojeni talent za vse, kar je digitalno. Njegove dejavnosti na spletu pritegnejo pozornost Maxa. Nonton online Who Am I 2014 Sub Indonesia. Who Am I 2014, adalah Benjamin (TOM SCHILLING) tidak terlihat, bukan siapa-siapa. Ini berubah tiba-tiba ketika dia bertemu Max yang karismatik (ELYAS M'BAREK) X Men. Ödüller 13 ödül & 26 Adaylık. Cyclops. Jean Grey.Storm..... Onlar ve daha bir çoğu Children Of Atom (Atom Çocukları) idi; herbiri biribirinden farklı genetik mutasyonlar ve bu mutasyonların kendilerine kazandırdığı insan üstü güçlerle doğmuştu. Ne yazık ki insanoğlu anlamadığı şeyden korkmaktadır ve bu.

You can click on table header to sort results by column name. Mr. Robot whoami subtitles Season: 4 - Episode: 12 All subtitles for this TV Serie اكشن. مشاهدة وتحميل فيلم اكشن و مغامرة Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw 2019 مترجم بجودة HDCAM كامل اون لاين... مثبت. فيلم Escape Plan: The Extractors 2019 BluRay مترجم. N/A. مشاهدة وتحميل فيلم الاكشن Escape Plan The Extractors 2019 مترجم بجودة. Splunking Webhooks with the HTTP Event Collector. A few weeks ago, one of our customers that has become more reliant on web-based collaboration technologies was deploying the Splunk Remote Work Insights (RWI) Executive Dashboards. They needed to onboard operational data into Splunk from Zoom, and because of their size, the rate and amount of. In this blog post, we will study Stream API of Java 9 with several exercise questions. In these exercises, we will use two different domains: IMDB Movies: We have three domain classes: Movie, Director and Genre. Each movie has a title, a year and a unique id assigned by Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB). Each movie has been directed by at least. whoami : 類似ワード. whoami domain; whoami domain lookup; whoami imdb; whoami ip; whoami linux; whoami movie; whoami movie download in hindi; whoami windows; Search SNS. YouTube,twitterは最新、Googleは1週間以内に更新したサイトのみ。 URLをコピー; Searc

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HD. IMDb: 6.7. 1961. 72. A dialogue free Romanian science-fiction spy-comedy that draws upon farce, satire and surrealism as it subversively deconstructs the spy thriller with the protagonist's accidental discovery of a nuclear suitcase bomb. Country: Romania. Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction. Watch Movie Favorite. HD whoami kein system ist sicher torrent. Best of Netflix. Download who am i no system is safe torrent for free. Rate This. DPReview Digital Photography. IMDb Everywhere. Crazy Credits The opening credits of the film consists of animated computer hardware sequences, where it revolves around the mind of the protagonist who is a computer hacker.. Velký TV program oblíbených stanic s možností vyhledávání podle denní doby, dnů nebo slov. TV program - podrobné popisy i fotky, filmy, seriály, sport.. IMDB Rating 7.6. A German cyber thriller movie, released in 2014, WhoamI? Is a brilliantly scripted movie where three hackers come together to form a group with one motive, to gain world fame. They have made use of hacking concepts like social engineering, dumpster diving, phishing and Trojan horse to help them. It is a. Ο Benjamin, ένας νεαρός hacker γίνεται μέλος μίας ομάδας, με σκοπό να γίνουν η πιο γνωστή ομάδα hacking, στον μυστικό κόσμο του διαδικτύου. Τα πράγματα όμως θα ξεφύγουν όταν η περηφάνια χτυπήσει την ομάδα και γίνουν μία από τις.

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Python imdb.IMDb怎么用?Python imdb.IMDb使用的例子?那么恭喜您, 这里精选的方法代码示例或许可以为您提供帮助。您也可以进一步了解该方法所在类imdb的用法示例。 在下文中一共展示了imdb.IMDb方法的10个代码示例,这些例子默认根据受欢迎程度排序。您可以为喜欢. 第一步:数据库部署方法: 都是在本地数据库234上面执行: 导出数据库的压缩文件方法: ( 1 )先 mkdir / var /lib/mysql-files/ imdb 然后chmod -R 777 / var /lib/mysql-files/ imdb ( 2 )执行mysqldump --no-autocommit --opt -h172. 19.57. 234-uroot -p123456 --tab / var /lib/mysql-files/ imdb wisekg(数据库名) ( 3 )压缩 cd / var /lib/mysql-files. Yasmika, oyalge site eken bagena balapu films 100 sampurna kala eeye (5 months athulatha0. pudumath hithenawa, apata wada kochchara welawak oyalaata yanawa adda subs denna. ee gena thank karanawa thawath serayak. me film ekath maru. asawen beluwa لینک IMDb امتیاز : 7.2 از 10 - میانگین رای 541,992 نفر کیفیت : 720p BluRay ,1080p BluRay موضوع : درام, ترسناک, علمی تخیلی فرمت : mkv حجم : 1.58 گیگابایت+792 مگابایت مدت زمان: 101 دقیقه زبان: انگلیسی سال انتشار : 2007 صوت دوبله. 我是谁:没有绝对安全的系统 Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher是2014年上映的美国悬疑电影。 本杰明是一个这样的人:三次元现实世界中,他是一个十足的屌丝&Loser,难以找到存在感,没有时尚感、没有朋友,也没有女朋友

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RT @IMDb: When you love something, you protect it. Watch the final trailer for Chloé Zhao's #Eternals. In theaters Nov. 5. https://imdb.to/2WcsAoQ https://t.co. whoami : 類似ワード. whoami windows; whoami linux; whoami ip; whoami command; whoami imdb; whoami domain lookup; whoami movie; whoami movie download in hindi; whoami online; Search SNS. YouTube,twitterは最新、Googleは1週間以内に更新したサイトのみ。 URLをコピー; Searc 导演: 巴伦·博·欧达尔编剧: 巴伦·博·欧达尔 / 扬特耶·弗里泽主演: 汤姆·希林 / 埃利亚斯·穆巴里克 / 沃坦·维尔克·默林 / 汉娜·赫茨施普龙 / 崔娜·蒂虹 [bt下载][我是谁:没有绝对安全的系统][bd- mkv/1.56gb][德... ,bt首发论

新剧痴痴等,旧剧追不完,说的应该就是现在大家追戏的心理吧?主要是好看的电影、电视剧实在太多啦!哪怕什么都不做一天也才24个小时,况且身为打工人奋斗魂,又怎么可能能什么都不做只追剧。(哭)然而现在的网络这么发达,你觉得网络世界是真的安全吗 The Hitter, the Hacker, the Grifter and the Thief are together again, this time with help from a new tech genius and corporate fixer, to take on a new kind of villain. From the man who created an opioid crisis from the comfort of his boardroom to the shadowy security firm that helps hide dangerous [

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  1. مشاهدة فيلم Kidnap 2017 مترجم Download and Watch online مشاهدة اون لاين وتحميل مباشر على موقع سينما فور اب كامل اون لاين وتحميل مباشر على اكثر من سيرفر بجودة BluRay مشاهدة و تنزيل . تحميل و مشاهدة فيلم Kidnap 2017 مترجم BluRa
  2. 遊客無法瀏覽此圖片或下載點,請先註冊或登入會員。片名: Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher導演: 巴倫·博·歐達爾編劇: 巴倫·博·歐達爾 / 揚特耶·弗里.
  3. 魔鬼大帝:真實謊言 True Lies【臺灣版藍光字幕】. 片源版本:True.Lies.1994.1080p.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-NTb. 官方字幕 繁体 SRT. 36k 1816 2018-11-26 21:28
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  5. . 16+ Sous-titres. Sous-titres. English [CC] Audio. Audio. English, English [Audio Description] Dites bonjour à Elliot. 13. Hello, Elliot. Ce programme est temporairement indisponible. 21 décembre 2019. 51

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مشاهدة و تحميل فلم The Balkan Line 2019 خط بلقان مترجم على فشار فيلم The Balkan Line مترجم اون لاين فلم اكشن , حرب , من تمثيل وبطولة الممثلين العالميين Anton Pampushnyy و Emir Kusturica و Gojko Mitic و Milos Bikovic و Miodrag Radonjic و Ravshana Kurkova و والإستمتاع ومشاهدة فيلم. 本杰明是一个这样的人:三次元现实世界中,他是一个十足的屌丝&Loser,难以找到存在感,没有时尚感、没有朋友,也没有女. I am working currently on a side project to study viewers reactions to sequel movies, and I am crwaling the data from three websites, IMDB, Meta Critic, and Rotten Tomatoes, in order to compare the results later Furcsa férfira (Jackie Chan) bukkannak a bennszülöttek a sivatagban. A különös idegennek fogalma sincs, mi a csudát keres azon a vidéken, ahol életében nem járt, hogy hívják, és főleg: kik azok, akik a sivatagba is utána jönnek, hogy megöljék. Talán titkos ügynök volt? Néhány nyomból hamarosan összeáll a kép, Whoami (Jackie Chan) rájön, hogy kommandós volt, akit. Jan 28, 2019 - Ini film hackernya dri true story yh? @blitzmegaple

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دانلود فیلم how am i من کی هستم دوبله ی فارسی لینک مستقیم کیفیت های ۱۰۸۰P و ۷۲۰P همراه با زیرنویس و تریلر - دانلود فیلم های رزم THIS is how you finish a TV show. Damn near perfect ratings for the last 3 episodes, with the series finale currently sitting at 10.0 on IMDb Amazon.de - Kaufen Sie Who am I - Kein System ist sicher günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen Blu-ray- und DVD-Auswahl - neu und gebraucht A group of covert CIA operatives trailing a potential new energy source are double-crossed by corrupt agent Morgan, who causes a helicopter crash in remote South Africa. The sole survivor, suffering severe amnesia, is nursed to recovery by a kindly native tribe who call him Whoami after the question he keeps asking. With the help of a mysterious reporter Christine, Whoami pieces together his.

我是谁:没有绝对安全的系统 百度网盘 迅雷下载 磁力下载 BT种子Кто я? (фильм, 1998) — Википедия

IMDB评分 6.4/10 (4,041 votes) 文件格式 DVD-RMVB 视频尺寸 720 x 288 文件大小 3CD 片 长 02:00:18 导 演 陈木胜 Benny Chan 成龙 Jackie Chan 主 演 成龙 Jackie Chan. Whoami Caz Abrahams. Thug Dale Abrahams. Laboratory Assistant Bradley James Allan. Thug (uncredited 检察官哈维·登特(艾伦·艾克哈特 Aaron Eckhart 饰)死后的八年间,哥谭市在戈登警长(加里·奥德曼 Gary Oldman 饰)的努力下有效地遏制了犯罪活动

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  1. Таен агент губи паметта си след като се разбива с хеликоптер. След това той е преследван от редица други агенти, но той няма представа защо. Година: 1998 Държава: Хонг Конг Жанр: Екшън, Приключенски, Комедия Режисьор: Бени.
  2. Bu belgeselde, hafızasını kaybeden Alex, ona geçmişini anlatması için ikizi Marcus'a güvenir. Ama Marcus, karanlık bir aile sırrını saklamaktadır
  3. 成龙经典动作《我是谁》DVD国语中字. 发布时间:2009-07-21 00:00:00. 译 名 我是谁. 片 名 Who Am I. 年 代 1998. 地 区 中国香港. 类 别 喜剧/动作/科幻. 语 言 普通话. 字 幕 中文
  4. nie radzi sobie z codziennym życiem, za to w sieci czuje się jak ryba w wodzie. Pod nickiem WHOAMI przeprowadza ataki na różne instytucje i korporacje, przyciągając przy tym uwagę służb specjalnych

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