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PHOTO TIPS. Catch up with our newest tips and videos - or browse through our extensive content library to learn more about your gear, favorite genre of photography, or get help as a new photographer Having met up with many other Olympus photographers, both professional and enthusiast, I'm always amazed at how much we can teach each other about hidden features and even just swapping lenses, having fun taking photos and sharing stories. More than just using the same camera, it's about sharing a passion for a creative outlet that brings. NEW. 06/09/2021. New PEN E-P7: Powerful photographic possibilities packed in a sophisticated and light weight design. The new Olympus PEN E-P7 conquers creative hearts with its design unique to the iconic Olympus PEN series Welcome to MyOlympus. Welcome to. MyOlympus. MyOlympus is a thriving community of more than 300,000 members sharing photos, competing in contests and sharing their latest insights on photography techniques. Plus you get some great benefits with your membership Even after 30 years, this Olympus film camera is still fully operational. Thanks to its design, quality, reliability and simplicity, it has become one of the most popular Olympus models. This camera Olympus has an adapter for shooting in manual mode, which allows you to set the shutter speed from 1 sec. up to 1/1000 sec. Photo by Olympus OM-1

Společnost Olympus Europa do dnešního dne, až několik málo výjimek, nezahájila dodávky fotoaparátu OM-D E-M10 Mark II na trh. Abychom ovšem zajistili naprostou spokojenost zákazníků, bylo rozhodnuto, že evroé zásoby budou před další distribucí výrobku retailovým partnerům zkontrolovány Additional Photo Credits. All bird photos by Olympus Visionary Scott Bourne. Page Header: OM-D E-M1 MARK II | M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150MM F2.8 PRO | F8.0 | 1/8000s | ISO400 ; Tip 1 OM-D E-M1 MARK II | M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-100MM F4.0 PRO | F5.6 | 1/1500s | ISO400 ; Tip 2 OM-D E-M1 MARK II | M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 300MM F4.0 PRO plus MC-14 1.4X TELECONVERTER | F5.6 | 1/80s | ISO400 ; Tip 3 OM-D E. Olympus Photography. 45K likes. Добро пожаловать на официальную страницу компании Olympus в Украине, Республике Беларусь и Республике Казахстан! Imprint:..

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Olympus AMBASSADOR. Jimmy Cheng LRPS is a self-taught and awarded photographer and filmmaker. Given a film point and shoot camera when he was 13 from his mother, he developed an interest in recording the journey of life. This passion continued through his university days and his early part of career as an engineer Photography Journal The latest visionary adventures Dive blog Get inspired for your next trip Latest stories. M.Zuiko 75-300mm F4.8‑6.7 II; How I got the shot Olympus Workspace is an application for streamlining the work process, helping you select the best shots from a massive amount of captured images and finish them. Windows in Olympus Workspace can be arranged in any configuration.This design supports use on notebook computers and on computers with multiple monitors, etc Shop Olympus Photography by Cameras, Lenses, Camera Accessories, Underwater Photography & more. Browse Models - Olympus E-M5 Mark III, Olympus E-M1 Mark II, Olympus E-M1 Mark III, Olympus TG-6, Olympus E-M10 Mark IV, Olympus E-M1X

La gamme PRO d'Olympus s'agrandit : le M.Zuiko Digital ED 8‑25mm F4.0 PRO offre une superbe qualité d'image sur toute la plage de zoom. Compact, léger et doté d'un zoom à fort grossissement, il offre de multiples possibilités photographiques, notamment un ultra grand‑angle dynamique pour des photos de paysages spectaculaires, un champ. We absolutely love creative photography. Discover a huge range of cameras, lenses, accessories and films to experiment with. Become part of our fun community, share your fantastic photos with friends and read the latest photography tips, news and features Computational Photography with Olympus cameras. Computational Photography can help you a lot. In this video, I go through the computational features that Ol..

Best Olympus lenses for street photography conclusion. There you have it, a selection of the best Olympus lenses for street photography. The best one is the Olympus 17mm f1.8. If you prefer even wider angles then the Olympus 12mm f2. If on the other hand you like more moderate focal lengths, the Olympus 25mm f1.8 is for you Olympus freut sich, die Entwicklung einer neuen Firmware bekannt geben zu können. Diese ermöglicht die Ausgabe von RAW-Videodaten von der Olympus OM-D E-M1X und E-M1 Mark III an den Atomos Ninja V HDR Monitor-Rekorder. Die Markteinführung der Firmware ist für Winter 2020 geplant The new Olympus Workspace software replaces Olympus Viewer 3 [*]. Supporting various styles of photography workflows, this software is packed with features that meet the demands of pro photographers, including a more customisable screen layout and high-speed RAW preview. Olympus Viewer 3 download service ends on March 31, 2019 That has recently changed with the introduction of the Olympus OM-D E-M1X and OM-D E-M1 Mark III paired with the Olympus 300mm f/4 lens.Excellent bird and wildlife photography has now become a reality for Micro Four Thirds camera owners

Olympus Viewer 3. Olympus Viewer 3 software is the perfect tool to organise and edit your images. With RAW file development it is possible to achieve the highest possible image quality and to apply Art Filters afterwards. It offers the full range of image processing and management tools such as the Tone Curve, Distortion Correction and Unsharp. Olympus Capture is a tethering application which connects compatible Olympus products to a computer for a more satisfying studio photography experience. You can control the shutter release, camera settings, and transfer of photos either from the camera itself or the tethered computer

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III lets you dial in shutter speeds of up to 60 seconds and has a Bulb mode as well for exposure times as long as 30 minutes, which is very good news if you are seriously interested in long exposure photography. The shot below was taken using a shutter speed of 1 second at ISO 64. Night Simple guide to start taking moon shots on the Olympus E-M10 Mark II. I'll go into more advanced techniques in another video.Olympus OM-D E-M10ii: https://a.. Olympus Photography. 45,746 likes · 19 talking about this. Managed by OM Digital Solutions since Jan 1st 2021 Imprint: http://bit.ly/imOlympu Camera makers Leica and Olympus have announced initiatives to offer free courses and talks for photographers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, last week Nikon made its entire curriculum of.


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Field Macro photography - Olympus. Mobile Version Hide You appear to be browsing this site using Internet Explorer 6. Why Olympus. Services & Support. Promotions. OM-D. OM-D Cameras. E-M1X E-M1 Mark III E-M1 Mark II E-M5 Mark III E-M5 Mark II E-M10 Mark I The Olympus PEN E-P7 has a time-lapse photography mode, which allows you to capture up to 999 frames at user-specified intervals. You can also tell the camera when to start the sequence, which comes in handy if you want to set up the camera well in advance Camera & Audio. The cameras, audio recorders and binoculars are no longer owned or controlled by Olympus Corporation or part of its overall product portfolio. Since January 2021 these products have been transferred to and are being marketed, sold and distributed by OM Digital Solutions. OM Digital Solutions website The Olympus Tough TG-6 continues to be the top waterproof camera on the market. We like its ruggedness, expandability, tracking features, and Raw support.Its lens is faster at the wide-angle end than its peers, and its macro capabilities are top-notch Olympus Photography. 45,625 likes · 24 talking about this. Managed by OM Digital Solutions since Jan 1st 2021 Imprint: http://bit.ly/imOlympu

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Macro images can also turn out blurry because the area the camera is attempting to focus on is very small. When taking pictures of flowers in particular, focus on the center of a flower and, if possible, try using a small tripod or rest the camera on a steady surface. TIP: When shooting in regular Macro Mode, the flash will usually fire Fotoaparáty, audio rekordéry a dalekohledy již nejsou ve vlastnictví ani pod správou divize Olympus Corporation. Tyto produkty již divize ve svém portfoliu nemá. Od ledna 2021 byly tyto produkty převedeny pod společnost OM Digital Solutions, která zajišťuje jejich marketing, prodej a distribuci Joe comes from a teaching background which serves him well when discussing the ins and outs of photography. Joe has recently published an e-book on the subject of setting up your Olympus cameras for nature photography. It's titled The Olympus OM-D E-Mark III and M1X Menu The Guide for Wildlife and Nature Photographers

Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100mm/4 IS - mé postřehy. 20 září, 2020 Continue Reading. Články / Fotografická technika / Olympus / Příběhy fotografi í. Zvířata trochu zeširoka. 2 září, 2020. Olympus has a number of unusual features for longer exposure photography.Aside from the classic bulb style photography, there are two other specific long exposure features available with Olympus cameras: Live Time and Live Composite. These two functions, although related, treat longer exposures quite differently and can produce quite interesting results Olympus Viewer 3 is a software to import images and movies taken with your digital cameras in order to view, edit, and manage them easily. Olympus Viewer 3 software allows you to quickly find desired images from albums or folders by photo type or timeline. for editing and printing Camera: Olympus OM-1. Sign up to our newsletter to save 10% on your next order. We'll send you exciting photography interviews, crazy tips and tricks, competitions giveaways, and unmissable offers. No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox Olympus recently loaned me some gear to try out, including the OM-D E-M1X, and I wanted to share my process of putting it through its paces.Those who know me know I am a big fan of the micro four-thirds systems. Relative lightweight and image stabilization make handholding a long lens for wildlife quite doable

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The Olympus Tough TG-6 produces a lot of noise in high ISO, low light photos. The following photos are lit with a small-screen TV and/or a lamp. This photo was lit with a lamp. you can see the grainy discoloration in the white blanket The Olympus E-M10 Mark III performed as expected, nailing focus perfectly and responding quickly in general, to practical operations. Handling with the small prime lenses was comfortable, even for a solid 3 hour long walk through city streets. For this session, I used the Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm F1.8, 17mm F1.8 and 12mm F2 lenses Standing above all other Olympus mirrorless cameras, the Olympus OM-D E-M1 is a flagship model with the most impressive list of features. Built on the success of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (which we highly praised), the E-M1 reigns over the OM-D line on a number of features - from the design of the camera and its incredibly fast autofocus system to the advanced shutter mechanism, high-end. While the fate of cameras formerly produced by Olympus seems in good hands with the recently formed OM Digital Solutions, the name itself has had something of a question mark over it since the news of a takeover first broke.Initially, it looked like JIP were planning to kill off the Olympus brand name fairly quickly, with an official statement from Olympus that it will continue for the.


  1. Olympus Image Share (OI.Share) is an app required for wirelessly importing photos captured on an Olympus camera. In addition to importing photos, you can use your smartphone as a remote controller for remote shooting. This smartphone app makes photography more enjoyable than ever, and offers new ways to use your camera
  2. The changes Olympus did implement are mostly what you might call computational photography related, powered via the TruePic IX processor. For example, although the in-body image-stabilization system is the same, Olympus states that it allows you a greater number of stops of correction (7.5 versus 7) with select Olympus stabilized lenses.
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  4. The Olympus OM-D E-M1X Micro Four Thirds camera targets professional wildlife and sports photographers, thanks to its class-leading image stabilisation, improved autofocus system and new Live ND feature. Housed within the camera's dust, splash and freezeproof body is a 20.4MP Live MOS sensor and two TruePic VIII high-speed image processors

The 300mm f/4 Pro (1475g) is the latest and greatest for Olympus and wildlife photography. It is, as I mentioned earlier, what Olympus deems as the best compromise between size and performance ratio, and they added a number of new features and uncompromising quality to make it what they have dubbed the best lens they ever made (with an. Congratulations to Olympus photographer Scott Portelli on the incredible honour and achievement of being awarded the 2021 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. I am ecstatic to be recognised for my work and humbled to be among such a high calibre of photographers

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  1. Get Olympus. 446,039 likes · 706 talking about this. Welcome to the official Facebook page for OM Digital Solutions in the US and Canada. Learn about our cameras and lenses, find online events, and..
  2. The Olympus OM-D E-M5 mirrorless camera was released on February 7, 2012 right before the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging show in Japan. Along with the camera, Olympus also released two lenses for the Micro Four Thirds mount - the 75mm f/1.8 and the 60mm f/2.8 Macro
  3. Terrible Photographer. I know Olympus's target market is the outdoor and wildlife photographer, but the smaller chip, short focal length lenses, plus a Hi-Res Multishot mode that works with strobes, actually make it a surprisingly phenomenal studio product, fine art repro, and architectural camera system
  4. Website: www.olympus.co.uk One of the best things about Micro Four Thirds is the availability of small, high-quality primes such as this 17mm f/1.8. With a moderate wideangle view equivalent to 35mm on full-frame, it's ideal for street photography where you want to be discreet
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Olympus sees this potential transfer as an opportunity to enable our imaging business to grow and delight both long-time and new photography enthusiasts, it said. Olympus Corporation, however. The Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 8-25mm F4.0 Pro is a compact, high-end lens designed for photographers using Micro Four Thirds camera bodies. Covering a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 16-50mm and boasting surprisingly good macro performance, it shows great promise as a versatile, single-carry lens for landscape, street and travel photography

For a limited time only, get a FREE Olympus 45mm f1.8 ZUIKO Digital Micro Four Thirds lens, worth £249, when you purchase select Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III or Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV camera body or kits When it comes to killer features, for Olympus it's all about the size of the system. Yes, all else being equal, larger full-frame and APS-C sensors are inherently capable of collecting more light than the Micro Four Thirds sensors in Olympus cameras, but I'm arguing that for the majority of photographers, a smaller, lighter system is perhaps a more important advantage for enjoying. Group Since Sep 13, 2013. Overview. Discussions. Photos. Members. Map. Share. flawless fang September 13, 2013. Welcome Everyone who loves the innovative and compact nature of the Olympus E-M1 First leaked image of the new Olympus E-P7 and 8-25mm PRO lens; Sony announced a new 20MP stacked BS1 Micro Four Thirds sensor. Is this for the future Olympus OMD camera? Officially announced: New Panasonic GH6, GH5II and 25-50mm f/1.7 MFT lens (FT3) EM1X will receive a firmware update 3.0 in June at earliest.successor in 2022

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Olympus Cameras and Four Thirds System Digital SLRs Forum. Discuss Olympus film and digital cameras as well as Panasonic and Leica Four Thirds System digital SLRs - forum moderator is Greg McCary. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above Olympus is verheugd te kunnen melden dat er gewerkt wordt aan een firmware-update voor de Olympus OM-D E-M1X en de E-M1 Mark III, waarbij het mogelijk wordt om RAW video data te transfereren naar de Atomos Ninja V HDR monitor recorder. Deze firmware staat gepland voor een release in de winter van 2020 Olympus Photography. Olympus has cameras to suit any skill level, whether you're an amateur or professional. Mirrorless Cameras. The OM-D line of Olympus mirrorless digital cameras is versatile and suitable for all professional needs. Although smaller than the average DSLR, they produce outstanding photos and videos Welcome to the Underwater Photography Guide. This online book and magazine is a complete underwater photography tutorial full of u/w photography tips and techniques. Our idea is simple - learn, shoot, explore. We hope you enjoy and come back often - Scott Gietler, Owner of UWPG and Bluewater Photo & Travel

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  1. recommended is a fellowship by Olympus, Haus der Photographie / Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and Fotografie Forum Frankfurt for new talent in artistic photography
  2. As a worldwide leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, Olympus provides innovative solutions for state-of-the-art medical systems, digital cameras and scientific solutions. In the hands of its customers, Olympus' high-tech products help to make people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling
  3. Olympus Corporation of the Americas. Medical and Surgical. Life Science & Imaging Systems. Industrial Solutions. The cameras, audio recorders and binoculars are no longer owned or controlled by Olympus Corporation or part of its overall product portfolio. Since January 2021 these products have been transferred to and are being marketed, sold.
  4. Posts about close-up photography written by ajoy muralidhar. A note about camera care - Using any camera outdoors when it is cold requires a bit of care, but digital cameras need some extra precautions handling the little buttons is a little more difficult since numb fingers lose their dexterity
  5. Explore more photos uploaded by the Olympus EVOLT E-510. 290 photos were uploaded to Flickr yesterday using this camera

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Almost all of my bird photography in 2015, since I have started this blog, was shot with the Canon, while Catherine has continued to use the Olympus E-M1. At first I intended to keep any reference to Canon at a minimum, since this is a Micro Four-Thirds blog, and if I do post any Canon photos, I will mark them as such Posts about Olympus Photography written by henrysmithscottage. I have finally found a pocket camera to love really like again. Back in the 1980s I had in my bag an Olympus XA-2 a classic little 35 mm film camera with a fixed 35 mm lens Sep 17, 2018 | Macro Photography, Olympus Events, Portrait Photography, Technique. Built in 1935 Sandford Parks Lido is located near the centre of Cheltenham and retains many of it's original 1930's architectural features. It provided an ideal backdrop for our vintage portrait workshop hosted by the inimitable Gavin Hoey, ably supported by. Olympus 60mm f/2.8 Macro Lens. The Olympus 60mm macro is a sharp, lightweight lens that is splash proof and dust proof - perfect for nature macro photography. The 60mm lens has a 1X magnification and a minimum focus distance of 7.5 inches - not too close to scare away your subject Herewith a few photo`s taken with the Olympus TG-610 from the Tough Series of Olympus cameras. You be the judge. Please click on the photo for the correct size. All the photo`s were resized. OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. TG-610 Hand held f 5.2 1/15 sec ISO 100 No exposure compensatio

Wild camping and outdoor adventures, hiking, landscape photography, outdoor and photographic equipment reviews and real world testing from Outdoor journalist Matt Hollan soniagulbani: If you are passionate about photography, then for enjoying more artistic freedom in photography you must purchase a digital camera offered by Olympus. Get latest Olympus Digital Cameras like FE-Series, SP-Series and more at cheapest price from..

Olympus was an early entrant to the digital camera market. In 1996, the company rolled out its first consumer digital camera, the compact Camedia C-800L, to great fanfare. The C-800L was followed a year later by the C-1400L, the first digital SLR produced by Olympus News Release: OM Digital Solutions Launches the Olympus PEN E-P7 Interchangeable Lens Camera (PDF: 367KB) 2 April 2021 Information. News Release: OM Digital Solutions Corporation Introduces User-Friendly, Intuitive Micro Four Thirds Website Updates (PDF:351KB) 29 January 2021 Informatio Search Photos (or choose category) How to repair Olympus Pen EM Half-Frame Film Camera Battery Door? *Pictures. iKokomo, Jul 30, 2021. Replies: 1 Views: 176. Heritage Cameras Jul 31, 2021. Is that true that Olympus discontinued all Pen models? BeBu Lamar, Jul 5, 2021 In a practical sense, it means the Olympus photos are more squared, and the Fuji photos are more of a rectangle. I just couldn't get used to the 4/3 aspect ratio. Similarities Between Olympus and Fuji. Aside from the same mirrorless camera design, you'll find many similarities between the Olympus and Fuji cameras The Olympus E-System: the first digital SLR system built from the ground up. Now a closed chapter. Photo Bytes — computers in photography: postprocessing, editing, storage, Web, software, hardware. . Nitty-Gritty: the often-overlooked, underestimated, or misrepresented technical aspects of photography

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Olympus TG-6 Best Underwater Camera Settings. The Olympus TG-6 is a popular camera for divers looking for a compact and affordable way to shoot both photos and video underwater. This is our comprehensive guide for the quickest and easiest way to start shooting great photos and video, in both macro and wide angle Photography forums for Olympus camera owners to discuss Olympus OM-D, PEN, Micro Four Thirds, E-Series DSLR, Stylus, Tough, compact cameras, Lenses and accessories Auto Bellows, part of the Olympus OM macrophoto group. When using standard lenses or the Zuiko Macro Lens 50mm F3.5 for photographs at magnifications greater than 1× (life size), best results are achieved by reversing the lens on the Bellows. For optimum sharpness at 1× magnification, however, the Zuiko 1:1 Macro Lens 80mm F4 is recommended.. FOCUSIN In 1983, Olympus, along with Canon, branded a range of video recording equipment manufactured by JVC, [citation needed] and called it Olympus Video Photography, even employing renowned photographer Terance Donovan to promote the range. [citation needed] A second version of the system was available the year after, but this was Olympus' last foray into the world of consumer video equipment. After having taken several 10000 shots with a Canon 350D, a 40D and an Olympus E-620, this is the DSLR I love the most. Already old-fashioned, but simple, straightforward, quiet shutter sound, good grip, lovely colours and sharp enough with its only 5 Mp

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Used Photo & Video; Used Lenses; Used Olympus Lenses; Used Olympus Lenses. Find a range of used lenses for your Olympus Mirrorless Camera. Our stock is updated every day, so you can find the right fit for you. If you want to sell or trade your own second hand equipment, just ask for a quote Indoor Architectural Photography from a tour of Grand Central Terminal. The tour was led and curated by Danny Bruckner of Metro North Railroad. This was an event in conjunction with Lehigh Valley Photography Club and Frank Smith, Olympus Trailblazer Olympus Master is an older photo enhancement tool which came with some models of Olympus point-and-shoot cameras. The application provides a basic and rather clean user interface which provides users with the ability to transfer images from the connected camera while saving them to a defined directory on a PC or even to a burnable CD or DVD disc The Four Thirds System is a standard created by Olympus and Eastman Kodak for digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) and mirrorless camera design and development.. The system provides a standard that, with digital cameras and lenses available from multiple manufacturers, allows for the interchange of lenses and bodies from different manufacturers. U.S. Patent 6,910,814 seems to cover the. Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II, 60mm f/2.8 macro, ISO640, 1/200s, f/3.5, +0.3EV, focus differential 4 Equipment The following Olympus cameras have built-in focus bracketing and focus stacking

Olympus Photography is on Facebook. To connect with Olympus Photography, join Facebook today The cameras, audio recorders and binoculars are no longer owned or controlled by Olympus Corporation or part of its overall product portfolio. Since January 2021 these products have been transferred to and are being marketed, sold and distributed by OM Digital Solutions

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Introduction. Cream and grey versions of the Olympus OM Photomicro Adapter L. The OM-Mount Photomicro Adapter L was designed to attach an Olympus OM or SC 35 Type 12 camera body to an Olympus compound microscope or stereo microscope, either directly or via one or more additional adapters.Any OM body can be attached, but for photomicrography the 1-12 focusing screen is almost essential, and so. Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 8-25mm f/4 PRO lens pictures and specifications. In addition to the new E-P7 camera, Olympus will also announce a new Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 8-25mm f/4 PRO lens - the US price will be $1099.99 (the LH-76E lens hood will be $34.99). The official announcement is expected on June 9, shipping will start on June 25 Olympus E-M5 III - Verdict. It can be tempting to think of Olympus's E-M5 line as being all about nostalgia, given how consciously the retro styling pays homage to the firm's OM-series 35mm film SLRs. But the Mark III offers plenty of substance too, with a lovely tactile design and photographer-friendly control setup As for portrait photos, this is o.k Olympus generates a nice image, very natural, but the sunset landscape is very bad, I expected great results for $ 1200, but I regret that I didn't buy the Pentax K-70 because the price was similar. I wanted to have a lighter and reliable camera but it is not enough because the most important thing is the.

Here are a number of full-size sample photos from the new Olympus M.Zuiko 12-100mm f/4 IS PRO lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras. The lens gives the equivalent of 24-200mm in 35mm equivalent terms. Apr 28, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Lucas Bergen. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Flash Lights For Nikon. $71.00 FREE Shipping Yongnuo YN-560 IV for Nikon. $66.00 FREE Shipping Yongnuo YN-560 III for Nikon. $89.99 FREE Shipping Yongnuo YN-560 III With RF-603 Single Transmitter for Nikon. $92.17 FREE Shipping Yongnuo YN-560 III with RF-603 II for Nikon. $37.00 FREE Shipping Yongnuo YN560-TX For Nikon Photos on the camera can be imported via Wi-Fi. You can also simply select photos on the camera to share ahead of time (Share Order Function) to easily and conveniently import photos. 2. Operate the camera from your smartphone (1) Live View OLYMPUS Image Share allows you to see the camera's Live View on your smartphone screen An Olympus super bright f1.8 aspherical glass 3x zoom lens combines with a 5 megapixel CCD to give you outstanding edge-to-edge detail, clarity and color. And a 3.4x digital zoom gives you the flexibility of a 10x total seamless zoom, for extra power when you need it. TruePic Olympus technology uses all pixels at all resolutions, for unmatched.