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Nutritional Supplements for Red-Eared Sliders. A vet may recommend that a good reptile multivitamin with calcium and vitamin D3 be mixed with the turtle's food a couple of times a week. Also, an excellent way to provide additional calcium is to put a cuttlebone in the turtle tank. 1 These are often available in the bird section of your local. Red-Eared Slider Size. A full-grown adult red-eared slider turtle can reach up to 12 inches in turtle shell length, with females usually being the largest.. There are rare situations of adult red-eared sliders getting larger than 12 inches. Red-Eared Slider Growth Rat

Red-eared sliders are native to the eastern and central United States river valleys. Most pet sliders are captive bred and hatched. Red-eared sliders are hardy and outgoing. Although pretty and personable as pets, red-eared sliders occupy a niche of dark history in herpetoculture, first as transmitters of Salmonella bacteria to small children, second as an invasive species that have disturbed. The red eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) is probably the most popular aquatic turtle available today. They are beautiful, intelligent, and easy to fi.. Red-eared slider bites are unlikely to be deep enough to require stitches, but if it's deeper than 1/4″, continues to bleed after applying pressure for 15 minutes, or shows the underlying muscle, bone, or joint structures, then it's best to head to an instant care clinic to get it checked out A well-balanced red-eared slider diet consists of: red-eared sliders need a pelleted commercial diet. Commercial turtle treats and freeze-dried krill may be given as treats. Non-toxic aquatic plants (anachris, water lettuce), dark leafy vegetables and sliced vegetables such as squash and carrots Young red-eared sliders have various predators, including skunks, birds, snakes, raccoons, otters, coyotes, and frogs. The only animals that pose a threat to adult red-eared sliders are alligators and crocodiles, but they often can't be bothered to eat these crunchy little snacks. The biggest natural threat posed to these turtles comes from.

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  1. An apology for this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh8Ri9rYabAI understand how some people felt offended by the way this video was presented and I ho..
  2. The spread of Red-eared Sliders in southern U.S. states, where the closely related Yellow-bellied Slider is indigenous, has the potential for T. s. elegans to compete with T. s. scripta. Additionally, interbreeding between the two races has occurred in various southern states (Ernst et al., 1994; Mitchell, 1994; Palmer and Braswell, 1995.
  3. A well-balanced red-eared slider diet consists of a pelleted commercial diet. Commercial turtle treats and freeze-dried krill may be given as treats. Non-toxic aquatic plants (anachris, water lettuce), dark leafy vegetables and sliced vegetables such as squash and carrots. Comet goldfish, earthworms and insects may be offered as treats
  4. ent red or maroon stripes along the side of the head, to the side of each eye. Sliders have a strong, sturdy and jagged beak that they use to eat plant matter and smaller aquatic animals
  5. Red-eared slider turtles are the world's most commonly traded reptile, due to their relatively low price, and usually low food price, small size, and easy maintenance. As with other turtles, tortoises, and box turtles, individuals that survive their first year or two can be expected to live generally around 30 years
  6. Male red-eared sliders grow to between 5 and 9 inches (13 to 23cm), while females can grow up to 12 to 13 inches (30 to 33cm). Shell Shape Do not turn your red-eared slider over to look below the shell, but rather hold it in the air and look up at the shell

Red-Eared Slider Background Key Takeaways: Red-Eared Slider Turtles make fabulous pets due to being fairly easy to care for and possessing a long lifespan of typically between 20 and 40 years. Although more expensive than most snakes and lizards, these turtles can be fairly affordable once their husbandry is set up Red Eared Slider turtles usually lay between 10 and 30 eggs. The eggs are oval in shape and have a soft shell. A female Red Eared Slider can lay up to 5 clusters of eggs per year. Red Eared Sliders eggs are quite different from the common chicken eggs, they are soft shelled, they have a different shape and they function in a completely. A red eared slider is a fun, unique, and interesting pet. They are one of the most popular pet turtles in the world. Baby red eared sliders are one of the cutest reptiles, it is tempting to get one as a pet. But before you do, take time to consider the care and feeding needs of these tiny turtles Red Eared Slider has become the most popular turtle pet in most homes, thanks to its quiet and relatively undemanding demeanor. In addition, they are quite hardy reptiles and can endure a good deal of harsh conditions more than other species of turtles.. The Red Eared Slider is semi-aquatic, just like other turtles. But unlike the rest, it tends to leave the water and bask on land for longer.

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A Way Of Recovery From White Patch Problem: If it is an infection, you can apply home-made treatments on your red eared slider. First, dry the shell carefully. Apply silver sulfadiazine cream on the patches or spots. You can apply betadine solution on the spots too. But make sure to dry the solvent on the shell Red-eared sliders are a medium-sized turtle, approximately 125-200 mm long, but can grow up to 350 mm long. They can easily live longer than 20 years. Red-eared Sliders feed mainly on plants and small animals, such as snails, worms, fish, crickets, aquatic plants abs insects Buying a red-eared slider is a big commitment and you should be aware when you're getting one. How long they will live depends on many factors. For instance, in captivity, they can live longer than in the wild. Red-eared slider lifespan in captivity can be as long as 40 years LIMITED BONUS #1: Red-Eared Sliders - 20 Frequently Asked Questions Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of Red-Eared Sliders. Through my work, I have discovered that most Red-Eared Slider owners all have similar questions about the care of their turtles. If I sat down with you for a consultation, chances are you would have the same. Your red-eared slider's UVB bulb should be 50-75% of the enclosure's length, mounted over the basking area (overlapping with the water area isn't bad thing, though). Use a fixture with a reflector so you don't accidentally waste any of the UVB

Red Eared Slider turtles love to eat, usually they will eat everything that you put in front of them, and this includes vegetables. But just because they can eat them, it doesn't mean that every vegetable is good for them. To find out which vegetables can Red Eared Slider turtles eat, I decided to do some research. Here is what I found out Countless requests for juvenile Red Eared Sliders have inspired us to make this species available in the highest quality possible. We hatch & hand raise Red Ears to pond size for our customers all the time - now we're making juveniles and yearlings available at a most affordable price - remember, the shipping charge is the same for 1 to 6 of all our small sized turtles Who is online. In total there are 46 users online :: 3 registered, 0 hidden and 43 guests (based on users active over the past 5 minutes) Most users ever online was 1138 on Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:04 am Registered users: Bing [Bot], Google [Bot], Majestic-12 [Bot] Legend: Administrators, Global moderators Birthdays. Congratulations to: laurenation, toowl (50), SeawayWaw (45 Red-Eared Slider Lifespan. The average red-eared slider lifespan is around 20 years with proper care. There are some exceptions. These turtles are said to live well into their 60s and 70s in the wild, but there isn't any evidence of that long lifespan being found in captivity Red-eared slider turtles spend almost all their life in water. Thus, checking the condition of the water is an excellent place to start to give your pet a healthy and long life. The water should always be clean and of the right temperatures. By fresh, the water should be changed regularly, once a week, and should not be overcrowded

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Red-eared sliders, or pond sliders, are semi-aquatic turtles and the subspecies Trachemys scripta elegans with the red stripe is the most common reptile pet around the globe (Golden and Schwartz, 2002). They have an oval shell with a weakly keeled olive brown carapace and a hingeless yellow plastron.. Red-eared slider turtle may wander far from water and are able to survive cold winters by hibernating. Once available habitat is found the species can rapidly colonise a new area. Breeding. Female red-eared slider turtles lay 2 - 23 eggs per clutch in a cavity dug out of the soil with hatchlings emerging 60 - 75 days later Red-eared sliders are some of the most popular pet turtles in the world. Also referred to as red-eared terrapins, they are resilient and can tolerate a variety of living conditions. Due to their tendency to get comfortable with people and how they greedily beg for food, both beginners and veterans in turtle-keeping love domesticating these turtles

Red-eared Slider Turtle. If you want to properly care for a red-eared slider, you need to know that these animals need to be in lots of water! In fact, the typical red-eared slider will live around most of its life swimming, floating, eating, and sleeping in water. The remainder of its time is usually spent basking in a warm spot somewhere Find red eared slider turtle stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day Young red-eared sliders have various predators, including skunks, birds, snakes, raccoons, otters, coyotes, and frogs. The only animals that pose a threat to adult red-eared sliders are alligators and crocodiles, but they often can't be bothered to eat these crunchy little snacks

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Red-eared sliders need a basking platform to go on so they won't get shell rot or pneumonia. There are different types of basking platforms, but for the tank setup in this article, a floating basking platform is the best. Floating basking platforms are foam platforms that attach to the glass of a turtle tank using suction cups Identifying Red-eared Sliders and Western Painted Turtles : Red-eared Slider: Western Painted Turtle: Red stripes occur behind the eyes (sometimes missing on older individuals) Yellow stripes occur on the head with no red markings. The large scales on the rear edge of the shell are serrated. The shell is not marked with red.. red-eared slider turtles require a diet of nearly 100 percent pure protein. Adults need a diet that is half protein and half fruits and vegetables. We have a whole post about caring for baby red-eared sliders that goes into even more depth on your slider's protein needs. Supplement your pet turtle's diet with commercial pellets and pre. Red-eared slider Turtle The red-eared slider, also known as the red-eared terrapin, is a semi aquatic turtle belonging to the family Emydidae. It is a subspecies of the pond slider. It is the most popular pet turtle in the United States and is also popular as a pet in the rest of the world. It has, therefore, become the most commonly traded. Red Eared Slider turtle. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) $ 59.95 - $ 79.95. Red Ear Slider turtles for sale are the most common aquatic turtle pet and can live for up to 50 years in captivity. Red Ear Sliders are very active and love to swim. While they are mostly aquatic, these diurnal turtles also enjoy.

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Red-eared Slider (Rafael). Photo: Sharon Audubon Center . Brought to Sharon Audubon Center: June 2015 Injury: Non-native species History: Like many Red-eared Sliders, Rafael was a pet that someone was no longer able to take care of. This is a common story for many Red-eared Sliders, as they are often sold in pet stores as tiny babies and people do not realize how large they get, how much care. Having a Baby Red Eared Slider is Exciting! If you are in the process of learning how to care for your red ear slider hatchling, you are probably already enthralled by the cute wonder of your new tiny pet. But as cute as baby turtles are, they are also more fragile than an adult turtle ever will be. This means your job as a pet parent will be a.

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The red-eared slider is arguably the best studied turtle in North America. In all but the oldest adults, the red patch on the neck behind the eye makes these turtles distinguishable from all others in the region. Very old individuals are often melanistic (nearly all black) Red eared slider turtles have a long life expectancy; They are quiet sun-worshipers who love basking; They are funny creatures who would seemingly beg for food from their caregiver; Cons for the Red Ear Slider Turtle. The red ear slider is not permitted to be sold in most states and carry big fines if released into the wild haphazardly The Red-eared slider has a large natural range, but less so than common snappers & stinkpots. They naturally range from from the south-central to south-eastern U.S. Per Peterson's Field Guide range map (Page 177)3 they range from ~ the eastern 2/3'rds of Texas to the west, up through Oklahoma & part of Kansas through most of Illinois & part of Indiana to the North, then swings back down.

Red-Eared Slider Habitat. The natural environment of the red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) is the southeastern part of the United States and Mexico, although some subspecies can be found near the border of Canada. Its natural habitat is the moist environment of lakes and slow-moving rivers Male red-eared slider, posing. (Photo: Nicole Elmer) They're out. Stacks of them. Sometimes piled on top of each other like bricks, feet extended, much to the delight of students and visitors to the UT turtle pond. These campus charmers are turtles commonly known as red-eared sliders, or Trachemys scripta elegans. The red come.. Cloaca is the posterior orifice on turtles that serves as an opening for the digestive, reproductive and urinary tract. It's the place where the sex organs are located, as well. If the cloaca is closer to the body, then it's a female red-eared slider. If it's somewhere on a hallway of the tail, then the turtle is a male

A great resource is the book Red-Eared Sliders from the Animal Planet Pet Care Library, available through Amazon. Releasing a slider to a pond or lake isn't an alternative. This is illegal in most states. Red-eared sliders are not native to much of the USA and can cause environmental issues for native turtles Like most reptiles, when it comes to lighting red eared slider have very particular needs. In the wild, they benefit from the presence of three elements of light that are provided by natural sunlight: UVA Rays (Ultraviolet A), UVB Rays (Ultraviolet B), and heat. Each one of these plays a role in your turtle's development,.. Prey food: these items include crickets, earthworms, aquatic snails, silkworms, wax worms, shrimp, daphnia, krill, bloodworms, and mealworms. You have to cut up the prey food into smaller pieces if you are feeding a small red-eared slider. The bigger ones can be fed with tadpoles or feeder fish The red eared sliders are easy to breed, long-lasting animals, but that doesn't mean you don't need to feed them the best diet. Any red eared slider should provide the ideal nutrition for a healthy body. After choosing the best feed for a red eared slider, don't forget to feed them with a reasonable feeding time

Red Eared Slider. 31,549 likes · 16 talking about this. Aquatic Turtle Community, Care Info, Tips and Tricks, Health and Food, Habitat and Happiness TurtleWisdomRES@gmail.co Red-eared sliders and some other turtles can handle a deeper pond, while some turtles prefer to be in shallower water, so again consider the natural habits of the turtle species when planning your pond. A shallow area where the turtle can sit in the water with its head out of the water is desirable as well A wise decision since loneliness might frustrate the red eared slider despite its fondness for solitude. Instead, it is better to provide a playmate (read tank mate) to these beautiful creatures. Although different animals such as lobsters, snails, and other crustaceans go well with these turtles, some fish species will work best The Red-eared Slider is a freshwater terrapin that is native to the Mississippi River Basin of North America. This species gets its name from the red stripe behind its eye, and its habit of sliding off rocks or logs into the water when it is startled. The rest of the head and legs are dark with yellow stripes, and the shell is greenish brown

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Red Eared Slider Diet Options. Pellet Food. Quality pellet food forms a good nutritional base for your red eared slider. They offer a good mix of protein, vitamins, and minerals, but they shouldn't be relied on as a sole food source. For an adult red eared slider, pellets should make up about 25% of their diet But caring for a red-eared slider is a big commitment, and it is important to learn about the breed and the numerous laws that apply to it before deciding to make a slider a pet. Federal Law A 1975 federal law prohibits the sale of turtle eggs and live turtles less than four inches in length Red-eared sliders are aggressive omnivores, feeding on fish, plants, insects, amphibians, and other aquatic organisms and their eggs. This puts them in direct competition with many native species of turtle for food, basking areas, and nesting sites. Particularly at risk is the Pennsylvani Red Eared Sliders are one of the popular variants of the turtle as a pet. It arrives with a beautiful appearance and playful behavior, which makes it very popular for individuals. They are also tolerant of various conditions, including temperature, pH level, water, and hardness, making them a suitable pet for the beginners

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Whether you are a new or an experienced Red Eared Slider keeper, what kind of substrate to use in your tank is always a hot topic and everyone has got an opinion. Including yours truly. There are 4 types of substrates that hobbyists use in their Red Eared Slider tanks and I am going to talk about all of them The Red-eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) is the only species of Slider turtle that inhabits Louisiana. It is also the most commonly seen turtle in the Southeast. They are often seen sunning on logs in roadside ponds or crossing roads Yes, red eared sliders will bite their owners. But don't fear it. The biting of the red eared slider isn't a regular occurrence. It will bite the owner once in a blue moon. Also, their bite can be painful and often hurting. However, if you keep too many turtles in a crowded place, they will engage in territorial fights

Red-Eared Sliders . Trachemys scripta, T. s. elegans ©1994 Melissa Kaplan . Natural History Yellow-eared and Red-eared Sliders (Trachemys [Chrysemys] scripta; T. s. elegans,) are found throughout the United States east of the Rockies. They are the sliders is the one most often sold in pet stores here in the U.S. and abroad The red ear slider turtle is a small freshwater turtle native to the Mississippi Valley in the southern United States. Red eared sliders are a medium-sized freshwater turtle, generally 125-200 mm long, but can grow up to 350 mm long. Females are usually larger than males (plastron length 150-195 mm, compared to 90-100 mm for males)

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red eared slider 18.4M views Discover short videos related to red eared slider on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Herpin_Hippie(@herpin_hippie), Hamood Haji(@hamoodhaji), Jen(@texasbusybody), Ada‍♀️(@repti_fairy), Shelter Pets and Stuff(@schweddypaws) The red eared slider is slowly becoming a popular pet turtle. They are tiny creatures and very cute, their looks are also very unique to stand out. An ideal tank for a red eared slider does not need to be too large, but it should provide what your pet needs for its habitat. An example is a filter in red eared slider tank While red-eared sliders are undoubtedly cute, in many parts of the world, they're seen as a complete menace rather than as an adorable pet. There are many reasons that these turtles can devastate non-native ecosystems, including their lack of natural predators, long lifespans, and ability to out-compete smaller turtle species The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans), also known as the red-eared terrapin, is a semiaquatic turtle belonging to the family Emydidae. It is a subspecies of the pond slider. It is the most popular pet turtle in the United States and is also popular as a pet in the rest of the world. It has, therefore, become the most commonly traded turtle in the world Red-Eared Slider -Adopt Me! — This animal is not on exhibit in the habitats. It is one of our Animal Ambassadors and is used in public and school programs. Latin Name Trachemys scripta elgans History at CuriOdyssey Our slider turtle was a former pet that was donated to CuriOdyssey in 2003. Fun Facts about Red Eared

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The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) (slider, hereafter) is the most common introduced turtle worldwide, and it has caused substantial negative impacts on native turtles in the recipient regions (García-Díaz et al. 2015; Iglesias et al. 2015; Pearson et al. 2015; Héritier et al. 2017) The red-eared slider is predominantly aquatic turtle that will emerge out water from time to time to bask in the sun. It originated from North America and derived its name due to its distinctive red streak on the side of its face, and its habit of sliding off rocks or logs into the water when it is startled, states Environment.bm. Facts about the red-eared slider Red-eared sliders are among the most frequently surrendered or abandoned pets in the United States and elsewhere. When quarter-sized hatchlings grow into dinner plate-sized giants, unfortunately, these turtles quickly outgrow their welcome — leading to questions like where can I donate my red-eared slider turtles Red-eared sliders(RES) are susceptible as they require a lot of water in their tank. It is caused by microorganisms (bacterial or fungal) that get under the protective layers of the scutes (individual pieces that make up the shell) of a turtle and begin to eat away at the tissue underneath

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Albino Red Eared Sliders are one of the most striking of all turtles to keep. One in a million, their survival in the wild is almost impossible. Luckily a few breeders, produce them for keepers to appreciate and enjoy. Albino Red Eared Sliders are one of the few turtles that actually are hatched for gender by temperature Oct 9, 2016 - Explore Mary McIntosh's board Red Eared Slider Turtles - adult, followed by 270 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about red eared slider turtle, slider turtle, red eared slider


Red-eared sliders are an ideal species of turtle to keep as a pet, and can live up to 40 years with good care. Fortunately, these turtles don't mind being handled, so cleaning their shell should not be too much of a hassle. Owning a turtle is a big commitment, as you will need to be aware of the warning signs of a dirty tank or health issue The red-eared slider is a semi-aquatic species of terrapin indigenous to North America, specifically the southern United States and northern Mexico. They are so-named because they have a small red stripe by their ears. The red-eared slider is the most popular species of pet turtle in the United States. In the original Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series by Mirage. Red-eared sliders, Trachemys scripta elegans, have similar lines on their hind limbs, but the streaks posterior to their eyes are horizontal and bright red. Slider turtles are often mistaken for chicken turtles, Deirochelys reticularia, and painted turtles, Chrysemys picta. Slider turtles can be distinguished from chicken turtles by the carapace Red-eared sliders spend the winter at the bottom of ponds or shallow lakes. They become inactive, generally, in October, when temperatures fall below 50 °F (10 °C). Did you know? The sex of the Red-eared Slider is determined by the temperature during development Red-eared Sliders live around ponds and can swim well underwater

Red-eared sliders are very good swimmers spend most of their time in the water. They love to bask, too, and during warm, sunny days, wild red-ears love to stack on top of each other while doing so. The slightest movement or sound will send them sliding off their rocks or logs and back into the water—this, coupled with the red ear mark on both. Red-eared sliders—so named for the brilliant red marks on their heads that look like ears—are consistently designated one of the world's hundred worst invasive species by the IUCN The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) has been the most popular turtle in the pet trade with more than 52 million individuals exported from the United States to foreign markets between 1989 and 1997.Despite the vast worldwide occurrence of T. s. elegans, little is known of their impact on native ecosystems - clearly research and education on the dangers of releasing pet turtles into.

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Impact of the introduction of the red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) on survival rates of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) A. Cadi 1,2 & P. Joly 1,2 Biodiversity & Conservation volume 13, pages 2511-2518 (2004)Cite this articl The red-eared slider is one of the most commonly kept aquatic turtles. They are native to the United States and their natural habitat are sluggish rivers, shallow streams, swamps, ponds, and lakes with soft bottoms and dense vegetation. Along with providing adequate housing for your pet, you must also provide a nutritious diet and fresh, clean. B Grade Baby Snow Albino Red Ear Slider Turtles. $1,695.00 $295.95. Choose Options. Baby Chinese Box Turtle. $589.95 $349.95. Add To Cart. B Grade Caramel Pink Albino Slider Turtles. $695.95 $329.95. Choose Options. Baby Pink Belly Snapper. $249.95 $164.95. Choose Options. B Grade Baby Albino Red Ear Slider Turtles. $429.95 $175.95 Red Eared Sliders Food And An All Natural T. You need to know how often feed a red eared slider turtleholic what can turtles eat from human food aquaticpals what food do red eared slider turtles enjoy eating aside from pork quora what vegetables can red eared sliders eat including turtleowner what do pet turtles eat petmd Baby red eared sliders have a different diet than the adult ones and are mostly fed with a carnivorous diet because they need proteins for their optimal growth and development. Baby red-eared sliders can eat carrots, however, you should feed them carrots in moderation because vegetables make 25-30% of their diet

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IUCN 2021. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2021-1. <https://www.iucnredlist.org>. ISSN 2307-8235. This website was made possible through generous support from: Toyota Motor Corporation , Synchronicity Earth red eared slider. Counting rings is one of the fascinating ways of determining a Red-eared slider's age. Tallying the number of rings in the scutes will give a rough estimate because the rings are formed in famine and feast periods. It means that the rings were formed either when the turtle was starving or full—instead of different seasons.

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