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  1. Ultraviolet (UV) is a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelength from 10 nm (with a corresponding frequency around 30 PHz) to 400 nm (750 THz), shorter than that of visible light, but longer than X-rays.UV radiation is present in sunlight, and constitutes about 10% of the total electromagnetic radiation output from the Sun.It is also produced by electric arcs and specialized lights.
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  3. Simply put, UV 400 means that the lenses will block Ultraviolet (UV) waves shorter than or equal to 400 nano-meters (nm). All UV waves come in different lengths as shown in the chart below. UVA: 320-400 (nm) UVB: 290-320 (nm) UVC: 200-290 (nm) Since all of these UV rays are shorter than or equal to 400 nm, they are blocked by the lenses.

The terms light and visible radiation (VIS) refer to the wavelength range between 400 nm and 800 nm, which can be perceived by the human eye. Optical radiation with wavelengths shorter than 400 nm is called ultraviolet (UV) radiation and is further subdivided in UV-A, UV-B and UV-C ranges. Similarly, infrared (IR) radiation covers the. UV záření, jakožto oblast elektromagnetického spektra, se dělí na blízké ultrafialové záření o vlnové délce 400-200 nm) a daleké ultrafialové záření (200-10 nm), resp. energií fotonů mezi 3,1 a 124 eV.. Rozdělení na spektrální oblasti (též typy) UVA, UVB a UVC je především z hlediska biologických účinků UV záření Pour cette raison, la protection UV jusqu'à 400 nm constitue la norme uvex depuis bien longtemps. Avantages de la protection uvex UV400. Filtre tous les rayons UVA — 20% des rayons UVA ne sont pas filtrés avec une protection jusqu'à 380 nm. L'échauffement des cellules est multiplié par 10 sur la plage de rayonnement de 380 à 400 nm

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UV light (in the 200 nm - 400 nm range) has many commercial and consumer-level applications. UV light can be used in photolithography or dentistry to photoset polymers, and in biomedical applications to excite molecules during surgery. It can be used to measure DNA and to sterilize our water and the air we breathe Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 100 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Flashlights UV blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug, Matching with Pet Odor Eliminator 4.5 out of 5 stars 594 $19.99 $ 19 . 9

The OL UV-40 serves as a convenient, accurate standard for calibrating UV radiometers and spectroradiometers, or it can be used as a known source of spectral irradiance in various UV exposure tests. The deuterium lamp is especially suited for use as an ultraviolet standard since it emits a line-free continuum in the 200 to 400 nm region Ultrafiolet, nadfiolet, promieniowanie ultrafioletowe, promieniowanie nadfioletowe (skrót UV) - promieniowanie elektromagnetyczne o długości fali od 10 nm do 400 nm (niektóre źródła za ultrafiolet przyjmują zakres 100-400 nm), niewidzialne dla człowieka.Promieniowanie ultrafioletowe są to fale krótsze niż promieniowanie widzialne i dłuższe niż promieniowanie rentgenowskie The UV region covers the wavelength range 100-400 nm and is divided into three bands: UVA (315-400 nm) UVB (280-315 nm) UVC (100-280 nm). Short-wavelength UVC is the most damaging type of UV radiation. However, it is completely filtered by the atmosphere and does not reach the earth's surface We receive significant amounts of UV-A (315-400 nm) and UV-B (280-315 nm) from the sun. UV-B wavelengths are shorter, and are therefore more harmful. Most of the risks associated with excessive exposure to sunlight (sunburn, eye irritation and cancers) are a result of UV-B wavelengths Se denomina radiación ultravioleta o radiación UV a la radiación electromagnética cuya longitud de onda está comprendida aproximadamente entre los 100 nm (100×10 −9 m) y los 400 nm (400×10 −9 m). Su nombre proviene del hecho de que su rango empieza desde longitudes de onda más cortas de lo que el ojo humano identifica como luz violeta, pero dicha luz o longitud de onda, es.

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400 nm-315 nm 3.10-3.94 eV 近紫外線: NUV 400 nm-300 nm 3.10-4.13 eV 中波紫外光、紫外光B UVB 315 nm-280 nm 3.94-4.43 eV 中紫外線: MUV 300 nm-200 nm 4.13-6.20 eV 短波紫外光、紫外光C、殺菌紫外輻射: UVC 280 nm-100 nm 4.43-12.4 eV 遠紫外線: FUV 200 nm-122 nm 6.20-10.2 eV 真空紫外 Ultraviolet light is light with a wavelength shorter than ≈ 400 nm, the lower limit of the visible wavelength range. Different definitions are used for distinguishing different spectral regions: The near-UV spectral region ranges from 400 nm down to 300 nm Ultraviolet light can be divided into two ranges: near UV spectral range (380-200 nm) and far-UV spectral range (200-10 nm). When considering the effect of UV radia-tion on human health, the range of UV wavelengths is typically divided UV-A (400-315 nm), UV-B (315-280 nm) and UV-C (280-100 nm) Thorlabs' SLS204 Deuterium Light Source provides stable illumination from 200 nm to 700 nm. The strong continuous spectrum at short UV wavelengths (200 - 400 nm) makes this an ideal source for UV spectroscopy applications. A closed-loop feedback system stabilizes the 30 W bulb w UV-C (100-280 nm): Filtered by the ozone layer, and so the levels of UV-C radiation reaching the earth's surface are relatively small. UV400 is a form of UV radiation protection associated with window tinted film. It could provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays of light up to a wavelength of 400 nm

A UV Meter that measures at the 400 NM level will show a reading that is not acceptable for any UV treatment with a clear UV solution. (The reading would show about 23% transmission). So much for the measuring device. Now that we know how to deal with measurement and checking, we should know the basic how UV solutions react while treating a. UV-400 is a UV absorber that does not cross-react with other components of the system and was developed specifically for amine-catalyzed or metal-catalyzed coating systems. > The use of UV-400 in combination with hindered amine light stabilizers, such as HALS-292 or HALS-123, can significantly increase their effectiveness

Search quality 400 nm UV photodiodes with factory price,Sanping Electronics is professional 400 nm UV photodiodes supplier,manufacturer in China. More UV sensor & detector products to measure UVA,UVB,UVC. Fast delivery UV-C: 100-280 nm-> wird in der Regel von der Athmosphäre gefiltert (absorbiert)# Genau in dem Grenzbereich zwischen 380 nm bis 400 nm ist unklar, ob das Auge diese Strahlung schon als blau wahrnehmen kann und wie gefährlich diese Strahlung tatsächlich ist. Ein UV-400 Schutz filtert diese Wellenlängen quasi prophylaktisch mit heraus 315 nm to 400 nm UVA (or near UV) - useful for printing, curing, lithography, sensing and medical applications Most natural UV light is generated by the sun with about ten percent of sunlight being UV and only about three to four percent penetrating the atmosphere to reach the ground X-rays 1017-1020 1 nm-1 pm inner electron outer electron 400 nm-1 nm ultraviolet 1015-1017 outer electron 750 nm-400 nm visible 4-7.5x1014 outer electron molecular vibrations 2.5 µm-750 nm 1x1014-4x1014 near-infrared molecular vibrations 25 µm-2.5 µm infrared 1013-1014 molecular rotations, electron spin flips* 1 mm-25 µm 3x1011-1013 microwav e

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UV-A (400-315 nm), UV-B (315-280 nm) e UV-C (280-100 nm). Il Sole emette fotoni in una vasta gamma di frequenze, coprendo quelle della luce ultravioletta in tutte e tre le bande UV-A, UV-B e UV-C, ma a causa dell'assorbimento da parte dell'ozonosfera circa il 99% degli ultravioletti che raggiungono la superficie terrestre sono UV-A. Infatti. UVA (315 - 400 nm) kevésbé veszélyes, mint az UVB, de újabban előtérbe került a hosszabb távú káros hatásainak vizsgálata; Az UV sugárzás hatása a szaruhártyára. A szemet érő UV sugárzások nagyját a szaruhártya szűri meg. A magas UV szint, mint amilyen a hó, vagy a víz által visszavert fényben jelen van. Bees and other insects can see ultraviolet light, which is commonly reflected by flowers. Birds can see into the ultraviolet range (300-400 nm) and have plumage visible in UV. Humans see further into the red range than most animals. Bees can see color up to about 590 nm, which is just before orange starts While interaction with infrared light causes molecules to undergo vibrational transitions, the shorter wavelength, higher energy radiation in the UV (200-400 nm) and visible (400-700 nm) range of the electromagnetic spectrum causes many organic molecules to undergo electronic transitions.What this means is that when the energy from UV or visible light is absorbed by a molecule, one of its.

A radiação ultravioleta (UV) é a radiação eletromagnética ou os raios ultravioleta com um comprimento de onda menor que a da luz visível e maior que a dos raios X, de 380 nm a 1 nm. O nome significa mais alta que (além do) violeta (do latim ultra), pelo fato de que o violeta é a cor visível com comprimento de onda mais curto e maior frequência UV Light and Health Effects. The UV range of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum goes from 10 nm to 400 nm. Depending on the wavelength and time of exposure, UV radiation may cause harm to the eyes and skin. The UV spectrum is separated into four parts: UVA (315 nm to 400 nm) UVB (280 nm to 315 nm) UVC (200 nm to 280 nm) UV Vacuum (100 nm to. Near-ultraviolet (UV-A: 315-400 nm), black-light, electric lamps were invented in 1935 and ultraviolet insect light traps (ILTs) were introduced for use in agriculture around that time. Today ILTs are used indoors in several industries and in food-service as well as in outdoor settings Ultrafiolett stråling (forkortes UV-stråling) er elektromagnetisk stråling med kortere bølgelengde enn synlig lys (bølgelengder mellom 10 - 400 nm).. UV-stråling deles inn i en rekke underområder ifølge ISO standard ISO-21348: Områdene nærest synlig lys er UVA, UVB, UVC og vakuum-UV, hvor sistnevnte vanligvis bare forekommer i vakuum. De tre førstnevnte strålingstypene har.

UV Photodiodes. UV photodiodes are produced from the material SiC. Detection of radiation occurs in the wavelength range from 200 nm to 400 nm. Detectors are available with filters that are exclusively sensitive in the UV-C, UV-B, or UV-A ranges UV-A (320-400 nm) and UV-B (280-320nm) light causes oxidation of proteins and lipids causing cell death. Broad band UV lamps have also been shown to inhibit photo-reactivation, the process that can result in self-repair of damaged microbes Esta espectrofotometría utiliza radiaciones del campo UV de 80 a 400 nm, principalmente de 200 a 400 nm (UV cercano) y de luz visible de 400 a 800 nm, por lo que es de gran utilidad para caracterizar las soluciones en la región ultravioleta-visible del espectro. Se rige por una ley muy importante: la ecuación de Beer-Lambert The classification chart of the electromagnetic radiation flows from cosmic rays to the microwave regions but the visible spectrum flows from the wavelength 400 nm to 750 nm or violet to red color. The below table includes different types of electromagnetic regions with frequency and wavelength of emission or absorption spectra It's up to you to decide, however, as noted, some peoples can actually see ultraviolet light in the 400 - 380 nm spectrum, and I can see much further into probably 363nm which is seen as very faint harsh purple, and I had to use filter to remove annoying purple hues in around 400 - 374nm spectral block). Last edited: Aug 2, 2016

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The typical light source spectrum wavelength ranges from Ultraviolet Light (UV-C: 200 to 280nm; UV-B: 280 to 315nm; UV-A: 315 to 400nm) to Visible Light (400 to 760nm) and Infrared Light (760 to 3000nm). LED UV lights have a narrow spectral output centered around a specific wavelength, ±10nm Ultraviolet A UVA 400 - 315 nm 3.10 - 3.94 eV 299 - 380 kJ/mol long wave, black light Ultraviolet B UVB 315 - 280 nm 3.94 - 4.43 eV 380 - 427 kJ/mol medium wave Ultraviolet C UVC 280 - 100 nm 4.43 - 12.4 eV 427 - 1196 kJ/mol short wave, steriliserende stråling, germicida It is often referred to as ultraviolet 'light,' but UV is a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light and longer than X-rays. All electromagnetic waves are measured in metres, but some wavelengths (like UV) are so small that they're measured in nanometres (nm) Ultraviolet radiation is divided into three wavelength groups: UVA - Long wave ultraviolet A, ranges from 320-400 nm and is significant for reptile vision and wellbeing; UVB - Medium wave ultraviolet B, ranges from 290-320 nm and is required for metabolic processe The 400nm Ultra-Violet 5mm LED (T-1 ¾ through-hole) is extremely bright at 12mW; its typical forward voltage is 3.7Vdc and drive current is 20mA, with a maximum forward current of 30mA. The lens is clear, 5mm in diameter and projects light at a half angle of 15°

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Thorlabs' 50:50 UV Fused Silica Broadband Beamsplitters, which are available in Ø1/2, Ø1, 25 mm x 36 mm, and Ø2 versions, have a beamsplitter coating for the 350 - 1100 nm range deposited on the front surface that has been optimized for a 45° angle of incidence. A dielec Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen tested sunglasses at all price points to find out if they really offer UV protection Buy LZ4-00UA10.. - Ledengin - LED Module, Ultra Violet, 405 nm, 16.5 V, Square. Farnell offers fast quotes, same day dispatch, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support UV-Strahlung (380-200 nm) und extreme UV-Strahlung (200 bis 10 nm). Das Spektrum im Ultravioletten umfasst die Wellenlängen von 100 nm bis 380 nm: dieser Bereich wird in die Unterbereiche UV-A (400-315 nm), UV-B (315-280) und UV-C (280-100 nm) eingeteilt. Die Sonne strahlt UV-Licht in den drei Bereichen UV-A

The visible region of the spectrum comprises photon energies of 36 to 72 kcal/mole, and the near ultraviolet region, out to 200 nm, extends this energy range to 143 kcal/mole. Ultraviolet radiation having wavelengths less than 200 nm is difficult to handle, and is seldom used as a routine tool for structural analysis D C 5 V 2 W 22 Leds 300-400 Nm Uv Lámpara De Gabinete De Luz. Antes: 664 pesos con 87 centavos $ 664. 87. 531 pesos con 93 centavos $ 531. 93 19% OFF. en. 12x . 44 pesos con 33 centavos $ 44. 33. sin interés. Envío gratis. D C 5 V 2 W 22 Led 300-400nm Lámpara Uv Para Gabinete Luz. 435 pesos con 86 centavos $ 435. 86. en Find 400nm uv leds from the professional china supplier, please click to get spectrum and datasheet from customer online service

• UV-A (315 nm to 400 nm), the ACGIH recommends 1.0 J/cm2 for periods lasting less than 1000 seconds. -Our lamp in normal usage maximum at center of beam is 2 (mJ/s)/cm2 • UV-C limit is 3.1 mJ/cm2 at 275 nm for periods lasting less than 1000 seconds • Sources of Danger -Optical Microscope with mercury lamp if incorrect filter is in plac A broad peak centered around 400 nm is the characteristic surface plasmon resonance absorption of spherical Ag NPs (Colloid. Surf. UV-Vis reading (200-800 nm) at 24 hrs interval Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is defined as that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between x rays and visible light, i.e., between 40 and 400 nm (30-3 eV). The UV spectrum is divided into Vacuum UV (40-190 nm), Far UV (190-220 nm), UVC (220-290 nm), UVB (290-320), and UVA (320-400 nm). The sun is our primary natural source of UV radiation 230 - 700 nm, 400 nm peak: Switchable-gain UV Enhanced photomultiplier detector with self-contained power supply and expanded spectral range (for 2016). Dimensions: 100 mm x 42 mm dia. UNCALIBRATED. SPM068_01, ILT2400, ILT2500, ILT5000, ILT6000 Photomultiplier Detector: 230 - 870 nm Juni 2018. Vollen UV-Schutz bis zu 400 nm in allen Kunststoff-Brillengläsern, damit erhöht Zeiss den UV-Schutz-Standard, wie er z.B. von der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) bereits seit langem empfohlen wird. Damit sei der Brillenträger rund um die Uhr vor schädlicher UV-Strahlung geschützt

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UV 200 - 400 nm, all concentrations must meet accuracy of absorbance acceptance criteria. Stray Light Method Procedure A: Produce the differential spectrum resulting from the subtraction of a spectrum produced by a 5-mm path length cell from that of a 10-mm cell, both filled with the same filter solution. Procedure B Optical radiation with wavelengths shorter than 400 nm λp is called ultraviolet (UV) radiation and is further subdivided in UV-A (320-400nm λp), UV-B (280-320 nm λp) and UV-C (180-280 nm λp) categories. These LED die are made from AlInGaN heavily doped with Aluminum MOCVD epitaxial wafers fabricated into dice that emit short wavelength UV radiation Ultraviolet light exists within the spectrum of light between 10 and 400 nm. The germicidal range of UV is within the 100-280nm wavelengths, known as UV-C, with the peak wavelength for germicidal activity being 265 nm. This range of UV light is absorbed by the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, which causes changes in the DN A high-end UV-Vis spectrophotometer (175-900 nm) regarded by many organizations as their main reference spectrophotometer. The Cary 4000 UV-Vis is ideal for validating or creating secondary standards, analyzing solid samples, or biotechnology samples with minimal sample preparation The UV absorption spectrum of guaifenesin was recorded on a Beckman DU-7 spectrophotometer, over the spectral range of 200 - 400 nm. When dissolved in chloroform at a concentration equivalent to 1 part in 25000 parts of solvent, the spectrum shown in Figure 4 was obtained

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The radiation source is often a Tungsten filament (300-2500 nm), a deuterium arc lamp, which is continuous over the ultraviolet region (190-400 nm), Xenon arc lamp, which is continuous from 160 to 2,000 nm; or more recently, light emitting diodes (LED) for the visible wavelengths Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength that is shorter than visible light and longer than x-rays, emitted at 100 to 400 nanometer (nm). The UV spectrum is divided into: UVA 315 to 400 nm. UVB 280 to 315 nm. UVC 200 to 280 nm Part of the electromagnetic spectrum, ultraviolet radiation is split into three types.These are: UVA; UVB; UVC; The wavelengths of visible light are tiny, measured in billionths of a meter. A billionth of a meter is called a nanometer, or nm. UVA has a wavelength range of 320-400 nm, while UVB has a range of 280-320

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Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation that falls just outside visible violet light. Light visible to the human eye is made of radiation between the wavelengths of 740 and 380 nm. UV light comprises the 400 to 100 nm part of the electromagnetic spectrum, making it invisible to us UV400 indicates the lens material will block out any light rays with a wavelength shorter than 400 nanometers = UVA and UVB. Blue-blocking lenses have tint, usually yellow or Amber, which blocks out some visible blue light, which is helpful in r.. Ultraviolet (afgekort UV, ook genoem ultravioletstraling of ultravioletlig) is elektromagnetiese straling net buite die deel van die spektrum wat die menslike oog kan waarneem. Die golflengte van ultraviolet lê tussen 10 en 400 nm (), dus verby violet, en dit is wat die woord ultraviolet beteken.In verband met die uitwerking van ultravioletlig op die mens en omgewing, word onderskei. UV-A (315-400 nm) 大気による吸収をあまり受けずに地表に到達します。生物に与える影響はUV-Bと比較すると小さいものです。太陽からの日射にしめる割合は数%程度です。 UV-B (280-315 nm) 成層圏オゾンにより大部分が吸収され、残りが地表に到達します

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UV-A (315-400 nm) irradiance from measurements at 380 nm for solar water treatment and disinfection: Comparison between model and measurements in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Almería, Spain Author links open overlay panel C. Navntoft a b L. Dawidowski a b M.A. Blesa a b f P. Fernández-Ibañez c E.A. Wolfram d A. Paladini e Alibaba.com offers 1,654 400 nm uv products. A wide variety of 400 nm uv options are available to you, such as key selling points, applicable industries, and showroom location Buy the best and latest uv 400nm on banggood.com offer the quality uv 400nm on sale with worldwide free shipping (UV) light is a form of electromagnetic radiation with more energy than visible light, but less energy than x-rays. It can be categorized into UV-A (315-400 nm), UV-B (280-315 nm), and UV-C (100-280 nm). UVGI uses UV-C within 200-300 nm.7 The higher-energy UV-C rays can damage DNA and RNA via cross-linking of thymidine an

range, from 200 - 315 nm, is the portion of the UV spectrum that produces biological effects in humans. The eye is the most vulnerable organ to UV exposure; skin is somewhat less sensitive. (315-400 nm). The lens is particularly sensitive to the 300 nm wavelength. XeCl eximer laser Ultraviolet light (UV) is invisible to the human eye. It is part of the electromagnetic spectrum that lies beyond the purple range of the visible spectrum. The ultraviolet spectrum has wavelengths between 100 and 400 nanometers (nm)

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However, studies reported that UV light especially UV-B and UV-A radiation ranged from 250-400 nm were absorbed by PE films, thus resulting in less UV light to the vegetables or fruits grown in. UV LED light LED is widely used in the disinfection, curing, painting and other fields, for example, ultraviolet disinfection, uv curing, uv ink curing, moth-killing, medical treatment and health. It contains lots of wavelength: 265nm, 280nm, 310nm, 360-365nm, 365-370nm, 375-380nm, 385-395nm, 400-405nm, 405-410nm, etc.. Items starting with. IEC 61646, Thin Film UV CondiEoning [1.15W/m2 @ 340 nm] x 54.5 x 240 hours = 15.0 kW•hr (280‐400 nm) [1.15 W/m2 @ 340 nm] x 4.3 x 240 hours = 1.2 kW•hr (280‐320 nm) IEC 61345, UV Test of PV Modules [0.86 W/m2 @ 340 nm] x 50.2 x 240 hours = 10.4 kW•hr (320‐400 nm) [0.86 W/m2 @ 340 nm] x 4.3 x 240 hours = 0.9 kW•hr (280‐320 nm Laboratory exposures of embryos from the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis to ultraviolet B radiation (UV-B, 290-320 nm), equivalent to a depth of 1-3 m in the Gulf of Maine, resulted in significant damage to DNA measured as cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer formation. Cells with DNA damage caused by ultraviolet radiation (UVR, 290-400 nm) and oxidative stress can survive, but are often. Alibaba.com features distinct uv led 400 nm for various cosmetic procedures. These uv led 400 nm are certified to enhance aesthetic beauty

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UV Radiation Ultraviolet light is typically divided into three categories. UV-A, with wavelengths between 400 nm and 320 nm, has been linked with malignant melanomas. UV-B radiation, which is the primary cause of sunburn and other skin cancers, has wavelengths between 320 nm and 280 nm. Finally, the region known as UV-C extends to wavelengths. 400.0 500.0 nm 600.0 700.0 UV-2550 (Conventional Model) 9.0 8.0 6.0 4.0 Abs. 2.0 0.0 400.0 500.0 nm 600.0 700.0 Equipped with Shimadzu's Proprietary Lo-Ray-Ligh Grade Diffraction Grating Shimadzu's proprietary Lo-Ray-Ligh grade diffraction grating enables the high precision of the UV-2700. In the diffraction grating production process, ne The UV range extends from 200 - 400nm, below human vision and in the responsivity of UV-optimized silicon detectors. Many applications have valuable spectral signatures in the UV region that can be evaluated using precisely positioned bandpass filters. Dichroic Bandpass Filters vs. Absorption Filter UVA, or near UV (315-400 nm) UVB, or middle UV (280-315 nm) UVC, or far UV (180-280 nm) The guide goes on to state, Radiations with wavelengths from 10 nm to 180 nm are sometimes referred. apply UV post-filter in a conventional treatment works • Can always design a powerful enough UV system to handle any UVT • UV reactor design should consider lowest expected UVT • Rough rule of thumb: For every 5% decrease in UVT, 50% reduction in UV dose (i.e. Need to build 2X the UV system!) UV Transmittance (UVT

There are three ranges of radiation that are applied in phototherapy: infrared (800-3000 nm), visible light (400-800 nm), and ultraviolet radiation (100-400 nm). Treatment of skin disorders most often involves ultraviolet radiation (UVR). UVA1 is the name given to the waveband of electromagnetic radiation ranging from 340-400nm ultraviolet A (UVA) ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths between 320 and 400 nm, comprising over 99 per cent of such radiation that reaches the surface of the earth. Ultraviolet A enhances the harmful effects of ultraviolet B radiation and is also responsible for some photosensitivity reactions; it is used therapeutically in the treatment of a variety of skin disorders

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Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength in the range 10-400 nanometers (100 Å to 4,000 Å). It spans the range between the violet end of the visible spectrum and the X-ray region. The ultraviolet spectrum can be subdivided in a number of ways UV source: UV 400W Mercury (Hg) bulb: UV source life span: 500 hours: UV wavelength range: 200 nm - 400 nm: Peak UV wavelength: 254 nm: Power: 410 W: Power requirements: 230 V (50 Hz) Construction material: Anodised aluminium: Weight: 1.5 Kg (lamp head only) Rating: IP 4 çalıúıldığından bu bölgeye, Vakum UV (Uzak UV) denir. 200-400 nm deki ıınlardan yararlanılan bölgeye de mor ötesi (UV) bölgesi denilir. Ancak bu bölgedeki ıúınlar da adi cam tarafından absorblandığı için, UV spektroskopisinde kullanılan prizma cam ve mercekler, kuvartz camdan yapılmıtır

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